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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Thanksgiving approaches
As the great day of thanks approaches, I think of the Native Americans day of mourning. HOw can someone discover a nation of people and consider it "theirs"? I am in sympathy with them.

But...I am cooking up a storm for the residents in the apartment complez (just a few of them) who are alone for the day. Many don't cook, many don't have family. We won't eat together since this virus is so prominent in our lives, but come, serve themselves one at a time and take the food home.

So, I bought a 20# turkey (the smallest size that was a fresh, on sale), Brussel sprouts (which I will roast), stuffing...and will bake the Butternut squash from the farmer's market, make a garden special with some veggies that my cousin was given & make a few pies. With the help of these chosen residents, mashed potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts, from-scratch gravy, fresh cranberry sauce, cooked chestnuts, crescent rolls, a cake my friend is making...and when it's all done, it will be a real feast. I'm not sure what I will do with all the turkey left over!!! except make soup!

I'm still trying to get things done in my apartment as far as posting for sale items online. But I'm not making any progress!

Meanwhile, a candle had an event, it smoked up my dining area and into the kitchen! I spent the better part of a day washing walls, part of the ceiling and all the soot-covered things! What a mess! I almost have it under control now.

So, I am focusing on getting the dining room table ready to serve all this food tomorrow. I will start the turkey baking between 8-9 am for a hopeful come-out-of-the-oven time of about 1-2 PM. All else should be ready by then.

I have been prepping veggies, making pies and cleaning up since yesterday. I did my shopping on Monday morning. Not a lot of crowds early in the AM, I was home by 11:30, considering I was at three markets, that wasn't so bad.

Time for me to get off line and get my day started!

Happy Thanksgiving, sad day of mourning to all who read.
Sunday, January 10, 2021 4:05 AM by Gem
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