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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Winter on the South Coast
Hi readers,

It's been wickedly cold with high winds, taking the wind chill factors down to the single numbers. It's been tough walking BB the dog because of all the salt on the walkways here at our apartment complex. BB is so close to the ground, all the salt blows into his eyes! Even with face, leg and belly washes, his eyes water something awful after he walks up the ramp & to the car. Often, I carry him up to the car!

I ordered a pair of boots made by FILLIOBOOTS and they arrived after 3 weeks. The money was removed from my bank account immediately...but the boots took three weeks to arrive and are nothing like the ads or pictures. I have sent three emails to the addresses, two came back undeliverable. I have sent another to the company at their "official" website and shall see if there's any response. They want pictures of the boots! And I have to pay shipping, possibly to Asia? When these boots were advertised "made in USA"! Oh, well, I have been taken!

The snowfall from last week has turned into cement with all the cold weather. We expect more snow Monday into Tuesday and possible deep snow fall. I still haven't gotten my snow tires out of my cousin's garage and will probably wait till after this new snowfall comes and better weather. It's been just too cold to deal with this tire issue!

Every day is a new day with increasing fear about this virus. I'm spending days in my apartment and not going out except to walk BB the dog...and we go to another park these days where there isn't any salted walkways. Better for him and he likes this park. It's sheltered somewhat by mature trees and he can be off-leash if there aren't any other dogs in the park. We went yesterday just before sunset. The wind had abated for the first time in three days and the temps were in the high teens, better than almost zero wind chill factors.

We had a death in our building last week. I have come to know her daughter, we often saw each other in the parking lot and at Clasky Common Park. I saw her just after her mom died and she was very sad. This daughter did everything for her mom, they were close and I know she is having a hard time. There's a funeral this week...and her burial is on my birthday.

That's all for today. I will head out now to face the cold with BB the dog.

Thanks for reading!
Snow here now!
As predicted, we had a snowfall yesterday afternoon. It started right at 3 PM and came down heavy for several hours. We expect snow showers today. It will get very cold on Friday as a Polar Vortex slides down from the far north. I haven't had my snow tires put on the Volvo yet, so I won't be going anywhere for a few days. I'm so happy I got the car undercoated last summer! With all the salt applied to the streets, cars will rust out fast.

I have been doing some deed research for my friend, yesterday I had an appointment at the Registry of Deeds to find some deeds. I was somewhat successful...but now need to go to Probate court to see some wills. A complicated situation, but I did find one deed that is promising. Only the lawyers can say...or a judge.

In the afternoon, I picked up my mom's Lincoln Rocking chair from repair. My mom found the rocker years back...refinished the wood and she re-caned it. But years in the loft over the garage and storage had made the canening brittle. I located a man who refinished the wood (using Danish oil) and re-caned the chair, seat & back. It was a bit more than I had hoped but worth the cost. Now, I have my mom's Lincoln Rocker in my living room and it's beautiful!

Before the snow started to fall, I took BB the dog to the park for his daily stroll. We met up with Mookie, a Corgi we have seen often at the park. The boys had a fine time, pissing contest of course, a lot of sniffing and being silly. BB doesn't like a lot of dogs, but he does like Mookie!

I fell asleep early in the evening, so I am up at 3 am this morning, checking my mail and writing in this blog...I wait till daylight and will go out and clean off the car, walk BB and start my day. Altho' my day has already started!

Thanks for reading!
Winter has arrived!
Hi readers!

Yes, I know it has been over 60 days since my last post. I have been doing what all Americans should be doing...wearing a mask, washing my hands often, especially after going outside, social distancing. So far, so good.

Thanksgiving dinner was a hit as was Christmas dinner. I fed 18 - 20 people those two days! Some came to my place and did a take-out, a couple of folks who don't have cars got their dinner delivered to their door. Clean up was another day after chore. Since Christmas, I have been cooking on Sundays and sharing food with resident/friends in the building. Many just don't cook and don't eat right, some are handicapped and limited to what they eat. Cooking one day a week provides them with an interesting menu of food and fresh veggies, cooked right.

Many things have transpired since my last post. I have to say, the political climate may have had a lot to do with why I haven't been posting. With the inauguration of a new president, I'm feeling less threatened in general. I'm hopeful that the new president will be able to fix what was broken by the now ex-president and all his lies. And inciting a riot on the House was unacceptable. It will take time to smooth out the choppy waters of political issues, but I do have hope!

My mom's Lincoln Rocker went in for a new cane job and is ready to come home. I will pick it up tomorrow afternoon and be happy to once again rock my time away in that chair! I have several chairs that my mom salvaged from the dump in the late 70's and 80's. She stripped off all the paint, re-glued the parts and caned several herself. The rocker was caned too tightly (back in the early '80's), the cane was brittle and torn. But tomorrow, the chair starts a new life!!! A tribute to my mom.

We had some snow before Christmas, then temperatures rose into the 40's and low 50's and it melted. Nothing else much in the snow category since. Rain, yes...no snow. The past few days have been very cold with harsh winds from the north or northwest and chill factors have been in the teens. Tomorrow brings a promise of snow in the late afternoon into the night. We might get 1-2 inches...then it will get very cold as the Polar Vortex finds it's way down to our area. We have had a very mild winter so far, but I knew we would pay for it...and we will!

I've been doing some deed research for a friend who's neighbor is insisting on a right-of-way over the friend's property to gain access to a 70 ac. lot behind my friend's hay fields. Seems the original deeds do offer a right of way which was passed down for many property transfers. However, there might be a gap in the right-of-way transfer in a couple of deeds, which negates the right-of-way. That and abandonment of the right-of-way for 20 years or more also negates the right-of-way.

Tomorrow, I will be admitted into the Bristol County Registry of Deeds to research deeds. I'm hoping I will find the deed with the gap and be able to help my friend keep his property his own property. The fear is that the neighbor may sub-divide house lots on the 70 ac. lot and build a big road to access the subdivision. Right across my friend's hay fields and registered grass air strip. Wish me luck!

Everyday activities are keeping me busy...housework, keeping on top of all the mail sent by different companies to have me sign up for their additional health insurance benefits. I did get my Christmas cards mailed out before New Year's day! I had to look up some addresses since some of the cards went to folks I hadn't been in contact with for years. Seems I have found some time to catch up with my "loose ends" of correspondence.

I seem to still get some spam in my blogs...and I hope to remedy this somehow. Anyone got any ideas? The spam comes from robot email addresses...and robots don't respond well to "take me off your contact list"...or much else. So far, they are harmless but annoying.

Happy New Year to all my readers (who ever you are)!