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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Snow here now!
As predicted, we had a snowfall yesterday afternoon. It started right at 3 PM and came down heavy for several hours. We expect snow showers today. It will get very cold on Friday as a Polar Vortex slides down from the far north. I haven't had my snow tires put on the Volvo yet, so I won't be going anywhere for a few days. I'm so happy I got the car undercoated last summer! With all the salt applied to the streets, cars will rust out fast.

I have been doing some deed research for my friend, yesterday I had an appointment at the Registry of Deeds to find some deeds. I was somewhat successful...but now need to go to Probate court to see some wills. A complicated situation, but I did find one deed that is promising. Only the lawyers can say...or a judge.

In the afternoon, I picked up my mom's Lincoln Rocking chair from repair. My mom found the rocker years back...refinished the wood and she re-caned it. But years in the loft over the garage and storage had made the canening brittle. I located a man who refinished the wood (using Danish oil) and re-caned the chair, seat & back. It was a bit more than I had hoped but worth the cost. Now, I have my mom's Lincoln Rocker in my living room and it's beautiful!

Before the snow started to fall, I took BB the dog to the park for his daily stroll. We met up with Mookie, a Corgi we have seen often at the park. The boys had a fine time, pissing contest of course, a lot of sniffing and being silly. BB doesn't like a lot of dogs, but he does like Mookie!

I fell asleep early in the evening, so I am up at 3 am this morning, checking my mail and writing in this blog...I wait till daylight and will go out and clean off the car, walk BB and start my day. Altho' my day has already started!

Thanks for reading!