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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Winter on the South Coast
Hi readers,

It's been wickedly cold with high winds, taking the wind chill factors down to the single numbers. It's been tough walking BB the dog because of all the salt on the walkways here at our apartment complex. BB is so close to the ground, all the salt blows into his eyes! Even with face, leg and belly washes, his eyes water something awful after he walks up the ramp & to the car. Often, I carry him up to the car!

I ordered a pair of boots made by FILLIOBOOTS and they arrived after 3 weeks. The money was removed from my bank account immediately...but the boots took three weeks to arrive and are nothing like the ads or pictures. I have sent three emails to the addresses, two came back undeliverable. I have sent another to the company at their "official" website and shall see if there's any response. They want pictures of the boots! And I have to pay shipping, possibly to Asia? When these boots were advertised "made in USA"! Oh, well, I have been taken!

The snowfall from last week has turned into cement with all the cold weather. We expect more snow Monday into Tuesday and possible deep snow fall. I still haven't gotten my snow tires out of my cousin's garage and will probably wait till after this new snowfall comes and better weather. It's been just too cold to deal with this tire issue!

Every day is a new day with increasing fear about this virus. I'm spending days in my apartment and not going out except to walk BB the dog...and we go to another park these days where there isn't any salted walkways. Better for him and he likes this park. It's sheltered somewhat by mature trees and he can be off-leash if there aren't any other dogs in the park. We went yesterday just before sunset. The wind had abated for the first time in three days and the temps were in the high teens, better than almost zero wind chill factors.

We had a death in our building last week. I have come to know her daughter, we often saw each other in the parking lot and at Clasky Common Park. I saw her just after her mom died and she was very sad. This daughter did everything for her mom, they were close and I know she is having a hard time. There's a funeral this week...and her burial is on my birthday.

That's all for today. I will head out now to face the cold with BB the dog.

Thanks for reading!