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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Summer 2021 Solstice
Hey readers! Been awhile since I got to this blog. One reason is that I spend a lot of time deleting robot posts from my blogs! By the time I'm done with deleting, I've worn out of patience!

Things in my building are now reaching a crisis! We have no AC or cross ventilation in our apartment buildings. The hall outside my apartment door is 15 degrees warmer than inside my apartment. Reason? NO AC and no open doors or windows to clear out the hot air. And the residents are suffering from the 90 degree & 90% humidity. No real relief if you go outside since it's so humid. Fans are arriving by delivery people every day! But few are smart enough to spend their money on WINDOW FANS! They buy tower fans or fans on stands. The only way to get fresh air (which we did have for two days) inside is to have one window fan drawing in air and the second fan pulling air out.

The elevator is being repaired or replaced and third floor residents are now STUCK upstairs! The owners of the property installed some stair chairs but they are little help for those who have walkers...or need to move groceries, etc up to the third floor. Plus, two of the stair chairs have already been broken. And there's a weight limit to the chairs and some folks are over the weight limit. They will be stuck upstairs for five-six weeks! And NO AC!!!

The company has asked everyone to sign a release form absolving them for any responsibility for any accidents on the stair chair. I won't sign it. I got a letter from the company's lawyer last week with the request to sign. What happens if someone is in distress on the chair and I help them out? If I sign the release, I am liable for a lawsuit rather than the company! And now I am afraid that the company might be able to evict me b/c I won't sign the release!

The new manager (very young and inexperienced) has resigned after 90 days. I didn't think she would be able to cut it...with all the repairs going on and all the problems with the residents not having AC or elevator. Now the manager who was here when I moved in 3 years ago (this week, by the way) is coming back. She and I don't have a cordial relationship, to be modest. She has few people skills and has been abusive to the residents (including me). This should be interesting!

I have done some gardening for my client, but with the high heat and humidity along with the limited days my left-hand man Sam can come with me, we are not working every week. That's OK, my client is self-employed and has suffered from a lack of work. I keep hoping the weather will cooperate, but no such luck. I'm grateful my client is patient...and I understand the money issue.

The past week or so my hip has been aching. So, I am limiting myself to walking the dog twice daily and resting. This is the only cure for this disability. Rest, stay off my feet (and hip) and allow the inflammation to go down. My right shoulder has been aching most of the time, I will see an orthopedic doctor in July. Maybe there are answers? I'm thinking the doctor will want to do an injection but I'm not game for that.

After two beautiful, cooler and less humid days we are heading back into the 90's. It did rain some last night and today is foggy with cloud cover. Temps will stay in the low 70's today but heating up tomorrow. Monday is expected to start another heat wave. And no AC in our building! A fiasco!

Stay well and keep on reading!