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Due money on a mortgage or have a judgment - HELP right here
Just a little about, as an entrepreneur my task is to create value for others and myself.

Like many entrepreneurs, my business has multiple profit centers:
  • Defaulted Mortgages: I buy defaulted second mortgages secured by residential housing.   My task is to rehab the mortgage by restructuring payments, term., and conditions.  Once the home owner has proven his commitment by making regular on time payments for 6 months or longer, It is time pass the mortgage on to another investor.
  • Judgments:   Does someone owe you money?  If you have a valid, legally enforceable court judgment - CA$H paid for Judgments
  • Domain Names:  I register domain names - drive traffic to them (this is one way Google determines search rankings), making nickles and dimes from advertising or product sales.  Once the domain name is over 1yr old, has traffic, and ranks on Google search - it is time to put up the "for sale" sign..

Own a mortgage?  Want paid in FULL?   Need a chunk of CA$H today?    

I am the contact person for a network of private high worth investors that regularly purchase residential & commercial mortgages, and deeds of trust and leases.  That buy seller financing mortgages, bank defaulted 2nd mortgages anywhere in the USA.  Many of which want to remain private.

Drop me a line.   Allow me the privilege of showing you what I can do for you,  you will be glad you did. - Steve Hancock


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