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Buttner's Blog

Do You see What I See?

Do You See What I See?

American blood is being spilled all over the world and Washington does not listen. Even God has closed His doors to our Nation. Many Americans have been expressing this sentiment for several years now, and I have been shouting it from the rooftops, but still, Congress will not listen. It is obvious they all need to be booted out of office and we should set term limits on their stay in seats of power.

Just because we had one revolution in America, does not mean there cannot be another. We need to stand up as a people Under the banner of God, and say, enough is enough! These hypocrites in Washington need to be tar and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

I am a Maryland Democrat all my life, and I don't hold with these atheistic radicals high-jacking our government and stealing from our treasury - the United States of America, and pushing down our throats the unholy banner that we are not a Christian nation (Barrack Hussein Obama). I tell you truly, I did not leave the Democratic party, it left me.

Over the last twenty years I have witnessed and recorded these events as did many others who have looked the other way for years at the chipping away of everything we hold dear before speaking up about the problems our nation faces as a country under God.

Here is what needs to be done, pass it around, it has real solutions for real Americans to follow...If they dare...God help us all! But Gentleman, as for me, I will fight, "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"

Do you see what I see? Dare I say,

MERRY CHRISTMAS, America. "I Am a Witness" Today, I look around and I see Big Business predatory practices pushed beyond the limits of acceptable behavior. I see government mismanagement of our natural resources and our infrastructure crumbling - I witness the economic collapse on Wall Street and several natural disasters in America, which tells me, God does not honor our secular ways.

I look around and see CEOs, who practice Enron hot air balloon tactics. Banks, housing, the dollar and now we witness another strategy, "The Buy-Gold Bubble." Stripping America of its wealth and treasury, taking the cash and leaving company shareholders (the people) holding hot air - it has got to stop.

Have we forgotten that fair play, is what made America a great nation. In fact, most of America’s problems are caused by a deregulating Congress who allowed it to happen. Before it is over, many heads of state will roll, both political and business wise - Congress will be held accountable for their wrongdoing. Mean time, the American people have suffered greatly from their crooked ways.

2000 years ago, Jesus spoke to them again softly.

But I tell you truly,

Many widows were in Israel,

In the days of Elias,

When God closed Heaven's door,

For three years and six months.

And great famine,

Was throughout the land,

And none of them was Elias sent.

-Luke 4: 25-26

When it comes to starting over, we all know what needs to be done. Let us now close our doors to the world for awhile, secure our borders and deport all the illegal immigrants back to the country of their origin. This simple act will strengthen the dollar, create new jobs for our citizens, reduce energy cost, lower the demand for health care reform and turn to God for help.

We closed our doors After 9-11, and there were no planes in our skies for five days and the air overhead went clear to breathe. Let us now stop flying commercial Airliners one day a week, and take Sundays off again in America.

Worship the God of your choice, buy only American made products, quit depending on foreign oil, develop our own natural resources and drill for oil, stop personal spending, start a savings account, and take this Sunday time-out to teach our children the right moral things about life in America once more.

I can honestly tell you by my own example; (I am a debt free recovered alcoholic) it is never too late to rebuild our image with the world around us. God, family, duty, honor and country is at the top of my list. The time to start - is right now!

Go ahead America, get started, I double dog dare ya.

George E. Buttner - A Patriot

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