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The Cranky Old Retired Lady
Opinions, wailings and observations of a cranky, old retired lady on life after 50.
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Blogging After 50
I worked most of my career sans computer until I changed jobs and went to a new agency in 2001that utilized them for a lot of, not ALL, everyday work tasks.  I lived my first 50 years of life feeling perfectly happy with an old manual Royal portable and a Bic Click with a trusty steno pad tucked into my purse.  I didn't own a home computer until 1995 or so.  I used it to bang out evaluation reports because being one of the non-management people at work, I did not have a secretary at my disposal.  For some reason our management did not see utility in assigning a secretary to someone who routinely cranked out eight or nine page reports on a regular basis.  Keyboarding was not my strong suit so I took the serious plunge of buying a Tandy lap top with a 64K memory (I hear the muffled snickers out there) which seemed like the pinnacle of efficiency way back then.  Now days, computers and the internet are integral pieces of equipment for the modern work place. Or the home

My philosophy is never tangle with a piece of machinery smarter than I am so the computer was a great, mysterious machine that showed superior and temperamental  intelligence. I can work a micro wave or a coffee maker--with practice.  I putt around town in my old-lady-2012 Ford Focus that has more technology than I will ever figure out, much less use. Its engine, dash board, fuel system and brakes are crawling with computer chips and sophisticated sensors that apparently have more conversations with each other in a second than I have in a whole year with my  fellow human beings. Smart machines are the trend.  Smart TVs, smart phones, smart security systems and smart cars beckon us  like glittering Sirens luring us closer and closer to surrender.  And computers are the smartest.  The point is, I am a tail end baby boomer who knows a teeny, tiny thimble full of knowledge about all things computer or internet--including blogs. 

The concept of a blog is a new thing for me.  Growing up in the 60s (yes I am THAT old) computers were referenced in popular culture in regards to dating or matching making services or as part of the iconic space race fascination of the time.  No one ever dreamed of the modern world of desk top appliances that connect us to the world at large.  Communication of ideas was carried out by rotary telephones and the US Postal Service. Or actual human-to-human conversations.  In the 60s and 70s neighbors used to get together after the chores were done and animals were fed to have coffee (in real cups) and talk about current events up and down the road.  It was a two sided, interactive event.  Today, so much communication is done via computer and social media.  Myself, I have become entranced by banking on line and shopping on line for anything my heart desires.  I am slowly falling down a rabbit hole toward full fledged agoraphobia.  If I could get my teeth cleaned on line, I'd probably do it.  Considering the pervasiveness of computer culture in general, a blog is a pretty standard event from what I can tell.  Whether that is good or bad, remains to be seen, but I thought I would try it as a place to file my rants and opinions which I seem to have more of as I age.  We will see how blogging goes, because, I am an old, cranky retired lady with time on her hands.  If you will excuse me, I have to go check my lawn for stray children on bikes and yell at them to get off my grass.  Tah, tah.  Peace all.
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