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Meth and Third Hand Exposure
This blog is about real life and real life stuff.

Lets talk:
I decided to write this blog when I found out how many people in my community were suffering from the same symptoms I was and I realized this was an epidemic of undisclosed proportions.  I decided to be proactive to alert people to the symptoms and cause of this disease.  
It is a disease cause by the parasites that manufacture, sell, and manufacture methamphetamine, but there is one more parasite that causes this disease:  the police and elected officials that protect the criminals.  This is perhaps the most ominous leg of the parasite.  I say this because if private citizens know where the labs are then the police have to as well.  
I live in a rural area of Tennessee and it is well known for breathing problems for all ages.  This blog is to educate the average person about what is in communities all over the United States.  I chose to do this because I had a difficult time finding all the information when my family got sick.  I had to got through too many sites and it was both exhausting and aggravating.  So I decided to write this blog and I will cite all sources so you can find them as well.
When I reported the problem I was brushed off by the local government and then treated as a troublemaker.  When I started talking to my neighbors I found they'd had the same experience. 

My next posts will go into detail about how to spot these parasites and how to be a "boots on the ground" solution, as well as how to protect yourself.
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