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Reflections of a Mom on Paranoid Schizophrenia

The Beginning

    My son (I’ll refer to him as N throughout this blog) began exhibiting signs of paranoid schizophrenia a while before I realized something was wrong.
     Our world was turned inside out and upside down when N began to think that people were following him.  First it was only occasionally, but it eventually became every time he went out.  He told me our neighbors were in on it and that they were also listening in on him somehow.  He began hearing the neighbors talk about him—even though he was inside and they were outside in their yard, and sometimes in their homes!  It didn’t matter that this would be impossible, even for his great hearing.  (His first delusion and auditory hallucination had occurred.)
     I didn’t think that anyone would have the time, or be inclined, to follow him.   But N was sure of it. 
     These thoughts affected his behavior in various ways.  He started talking in whispers much of the time.  He became apprehensive, fearful, upset much of the time, and angry with me because I would not confront the neighbors.    
     About six months after the delusion had begun, N met with a doctor who told him he probably had paranoid schizophrenia.  He came home very upset.  He said the doctor didn’t know anything.  People were conspiring against him, following him, listening in on his conversations, etc.  He got more upset when I told him I thought it was possible.  N thought I had turned against him and that I didn’t believe him. 
     I was proud of N during this life changing time.  It took strength of character and persistence to do his normal activities in spite of thinking he was being followed wherever he went and spied on in his home.  He was determined to continue with his routine and would not consider my offer to take over some of his responsibilities.  N was courageous!
     The awful life sucking brain disease (paranoid schizophrenia) had started.