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Writing from Anchorage, AK

Will this work this time?
I am Inupiaq, born in a small Northwestern Alaska Inupiaq village in 1940.

I live in Anchorage, Alaska and have lived here since 1976. Before that I was teaching at the Sheldon Jackson Junior College in Sitka, Alaska. And before that was involved in a race relations, educational program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. At UAF I was recruited to this program while in a different division called Statewide Services. Both jobs entailed extensive travel all around Alaska and occasionally to the Lower 48.

I met my present wife, Catherine, at the then Visual Arts Center of Alaska. We have lived in an Anchorage area known as the Sandlake District. It is near the Anchorage International Airport so travel from home is very easy when flying anywhere. And receiving internet orders from the web is also simple because we are also near the regional hubs of FedEx and UPS. The downer is sometimes listening to and smelling the jet fuel when the wind direction and atmospheric conditions are towards our home.

I consider myself a writer/artist. One book, Give or Take a Century, which I wrote while an art student at the San Francisco Art Institute back in the middle 60's to 1970. I worked at a Native American publishing place called the Indian Historian Press. I have not been to San Francisco for any length of time since leaving the Bay Area in 1971.

This is my introduction to myself for you all to see. And I hope to maintain a better entry practice than I have in any other blog site. But knowing me I get a few entries in and then my mind goes on to other things.
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