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working for God
Christians are pretty much everywhere, but not that many actually work for God .. when you become an "employee" of God, He "actively" gives you the Holy Spirit .. many think they have the Holy Spirit but do not .. they delude themselves .. there is NO mistaking this .. the Holy Spirit is much like being issued a "security clearance" which allows you access to all data held by this heavenly firm .. I'm using this "parable type" analogy, so we can all relate to the process ..

to apply for the position, everyone understands .. Jesus says: believe, repent and obey .. so our lips endorse our applications ..

God then takes all these applications and reviews them one at a time .. He researches them by reading our hearts .. then He interviews us without our knowledge ..

Belief is first, He asks, do you truly believe ??? .. in this you will be tested to see if you will ever deny Him before men .. many Christians fail already and sit quietly when people they are associated with scoff God because it is more important to them "how they are perceived by others" then "how they are perceived by God" ..

Repentance is second, He asks, are you really sorry ??? .. this part of the criteria is much more difficult then the first .. as people we are born with "free will" and in such we will sin .. but what you do with that sin is very important .. when you repent, God reads your heart to see if you enjoyed that sin .. if you did, and your lips asked forgiveness but not your heart, then your repentance was just a lie, and yet another sin .. repentance is remorse, or a "change of heart" meaning we must be unhappy with self because we do not wish that to happen again and that we hurt God .. basicly if we do not "actively seek to correct our behavior" then we didn't repent ..

Obedience is third, and the deal breaker if you passed the first two .. this basically equates to "how loyal are you" .. God tested Abraham, the rich young ruler and will ALL in this manner if when you get to this point .. He asks us: "will you withold what you love most from me" ??? .. in Abraham's case it was his son, in the rich young ruler it was his money, and the bible reiterates this when He said "anyone who will not leave family for me is not worthy of me" .. this is because the Father gave what was most important to Him, and desires mutual "commitment" from us .. many times God will not actually desire you to give it, but takes you to the brink so it is confirmed in your heart that you actually would .. we see this in the case of Abraham .. other times He will, and if you hold true, He then will restore it and more .. we see this in the case of Job .. the fact remains .. He WILL put you to the test of commitment when you reach this stage ..

If your "application" is acceptable in His eyes .. you will then be hired, and an employee of God's aka the elect/saints (called a friend of God) .. this is your title .. the first thing that happens is you will be anointed with the Holy Spirit .. I still remember when this happened to me .. I felt "waves" of what seemed like "warm electric" washing "through" me over and over again .. it was a very pleasing I have talked to others who have told me they felt the exact same thing .. the Holy Spirit will then "teach you all things" .. but these will come in "pearls" .. He gives these same pearls to ALL God's employees .. thus identifing "who" are fellow workers becomes very easy .. may God bless ALL, and may you increase His fold first with yourself (if you are not yet a part), then with others ..

to all concerned: I will publish ANY comment written in a mature manner, in agreement or not ..
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