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It's Not Easy Being Green
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Oct. 12, 2015
Well, Froggie has to leap to a new pad.  Bye!
Oct. 8, 2015
This morning I went in for a "free" flu shot and a quick wellness check-up, all sponsored by my employer.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I know well enough that the reason they do it is to try and keep health insurance costs and sick-days down as much as possible.  The nice nurses poked and prodded me trying to find a vein that would yield blood.  I got lectured on the benefits of drinking more water, and how this would help them find the veins faster.   I can't say I disagree, but when someone is holding a sharp object in their hand I tend to listen very carefully.  :)

I am once again at the local McDonald's taking advantage of their free wifi on my spiffy, newly-recovered laptop.  Because I could not afford to purchase a license for Microsoft Windows, a friend of mine, who is much more knowledgeable than I, suggested I install a free operating system called Ubuntu.  Its a variant of Linux, which is a popular type of operating system that people tend to run when they don't care for or cant afford Microsoft Windows.  It came with Firefox as a web browser, as well as a nice word processor suite called LibreOffice that seems to be working well.  I figured out how to install Google Chrome (which is my other preferred web browser) and I am surfing!  Woooooosh!

I next work on Saturday morning, so now I just need to think about what else to do today and tomorrow.  I cleaned my kitchen a bit this morning and worked on some of the piles of stuff that need sorting in my home.  One small step for cleaning, one giant leap for my home!  :)

I often wonder what people do who are elder or elderly, that have no one in their immediate lives to help them or even visit with.  As I am sitting here at this McDonald's, I am seeing at least two elders sitting alone and just watching the world.  They were here yesterday too.  I know some people (like myself) prefer to be alone most of the time, but even this little introverted froggie needs company some times.  I guess this is one of the reasons I like the internet.  I can meet people and talk to them, without necessarily having to go somewhere.  I figure there are a lot of lonely people out there who would perhaps benefit from learning about the internet.  I know my library has some programs that try to help, but they require someone to go there.  What about people who can't or don't want to go there?  As slow as it is, even dial up internet is a blessing at times. 

Enough chatter.  I am off to go do stuff!  Peace to all. 


Oct. 7, 2015
I managed to get an old laptop running with a restore cd and have wifi capabilities now!  This laptop does not have a dial up modem, so I can't use it from home.  But I can take it to the library or McDonald's (where I am now) and zoooooom look at this fast internet!! :)

Well, fast for me.  Facebook and other bandwidth intensive operations are more fun when I can sip on a cold iced-tea and nibble on a french fry.  (dollar menu to the rescue!)

Fall is definitely upon us.  The leaves are turning their beautiful shades of yellow, orange, brown, green, and purple.  I love sitting where I can see them.   And the temperatures have started dropping.  Some days its been in the 50's and others back in the 80's.  I like this time of year.  I can turn off the AC and relax knowing I won't die from heat exhaustion.  I enjoyed the ciccada songs from a few weeks back, and now I just love listening to traffic as it drives by the roads near where I live. 

My friend/life-coach says that it is ok for me to splurge on small things like this tea and fries just so long as I don't over do it.  My problem has been that I love buying big, expensive meals and then regretting them later.  This small meal concept is still as much fun, but less harmful to the wallet and the waist line. 

I enjoy the internet.  The whole experience.   Reading about all these places I will never visit, interacting with people from around the world.  I like posting on this blog.  I know its rambling but it feels good.  Using this laptop here at McDonald's is fun.  I think I will sit here a while and just cruise on the information superhighway for a while longer, at least until the battery goes down. 

Well, peace to all and God Bless....


Oct. 5, 2015
Chicken!  Today is a day for cooking chicken!  I scored a bag of boneless and skinless chicken breasts for very little money and am freezing half and cooking the other half.  I can make these in to lunch and brunch for the next few days at work and home.  With some rice or some pasta, delicious! 

I have my phone line set to not ring call waiting while I am online so that I don't get booted off.  However, the caller ID still shows up on my call logs.  It's amazing how many telemarketers call when I am online!  I have registered on the so-called "do not call" list but that doesn't seem to have any effect.  I don't answer any more unless the caller id is someone I know or am expecting a call from.  I know people are moving away from land-line phones and so there is less impetus to stop telemarketers, but I wish I had one of the old "tele-zapper" devices that would remove you from lists or act as a call blocker.   I see them on ebay some times, but I am told they no longer work. 

Work this week will be light, since I am taking a few days off to relax and catch up with cleaning things here at home a bit more.  My living room has some piles of papers and other items I need to go through and sort and discard.  The kitchen is in disarray and needs a little love and attention. 

Right now, as I type this, I am watching a PBS special on the Civil War.  We have a very interesting history in this country.  Some very sad things, such as slavery and the whole brother-killing-brother thing.  And some good things, such as the end of slavery and the survival of the Union. 

Well, the oven is beeping at me so I better get going before the chicken burns.

Oct. 2, 2015
So today I talked to my credit counselor and arranged some more of my bills.  We agreed on a budget for groceries for the next two weeks and then we went shopping.  And we stayed under budget!  I have hope that, with help, I will be able to continue controlling expenses and get my financial house in better order. 

Work has us working a little bit of overtime, so that should help a little.  I don't normally like working overtime but at this time in history, I can definitely use the money.  Definitely time to take advantage of the free coffee at work!  lol

I checked into getting sattelite internet, but they want way too much money that I can't afford right now.  I guess if I had a way to make money online in the sufficient quantities to pay for the cost, I would afford the higher internet then.  But for now, dial up it is. 

I like making these blog posts because they give me a chance to vent a little and relax.  I don't know if these entries are read or not, and it honestly doesn't really matter.  I just like being able to post something to the world and then not thinking about it any more.

Peace and Ribbit. 
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