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Cinderella Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Disillusionment vs. Optimisim in the Middle-Aged Woman

Corporate Kool-Aid Kills, So Profile This
Well, I feel positively violated.  No, I wish I'd been positively violated, but that's a whole 'nother subject.  I feel negatively violated.  Is there an employer out there these days that doesn't insist on profiling us like the freakin' FBI?  I've been applying for jobs online for over 8 hours today, and I'm spent, and once again, NOT IN A GOOD WAY!!!  Is it more important to be considered serious and hard-working, or friendly? Should you ask for help or figure it out yourself?  Should you get a reputation for being a big fat tattletale and turning in all your coworkers for the smallest infraction, or should you get along and be a team player?  Are there REALLY supposed to be "correct" answers to these inane questions?  I think of my son with Asperger's--these moral and ethical dilemmas would confound him no end, as there is no way to answer any of these questions as a decent human being without a hell of a lot more information.  But that's the problem--employers don't really want anyone to be a human anymore.  They just want you to be a carbon copy phony with a pencil between your teeth to keep you smiling.  My last employer actually suggested that.  They brought in one of those corporate culture nutcases to teach us how to "be." She was a witch of the first order, and I'd rather lie down in the street and let the cars drive over me than "be" anything like her.  The idiots actually adopted the phrase "drink the kool-aid," as though that was a GOOD thing.  Umm, excuse me, but that refers to people in a cult committing suicide.  (Ironic, and sad, since the previous owner of the company did--well, not the cult, but the suicide.) And as a relatively small, so-called "family" business, corporate culture doesn't really belong there, especially with the lousy wages they pay.  Their whole company has been built on the backs of serious, hardworking, AND friendly people who work for year after year for far less than they deserve, get laid off for months on end, and work often in extreme environmental conditions, with no benefits.  And if they had a bad day, according to the corporate witch expert, you, as their manager, would be required not to ask them about it, but simply to tell them to take a break and come back when their attitude has improved.  Real nice.  Hmmm, don't think I'll be getting one a them there fancy jobs--my compassion and humanity still seem to be intact, so I don't believe I'll fit the profile. Well, you know what? They don't fit my profile, either. Ah, if only my mortgage loan company gave a big fat damn.  But they're too busy drinking the killer corporate kool-aid, most likely.  If you're keeping score, it's disillusionment 2, optimism 0.  And I ate all my cookies already.........
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