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Retired and living on our farm.

Puddy Kat & Gable



Puddy Kat & Gable are a cats.  They were both strays that we adopted or maybe they adopted us, you can never be sure with cats.  Puddy was being fed by my brother, Larry.  She followed him down to our house one afternoon and would go from one to the other for food.  She was injured on her last adventure out side the house.  After a $150 trip to the vet, she became our house cat.  She doesn't even ask to go out anymore.

Gable was also a cat my brother was feeding.  He just showed up at the door one day and asked to get in.  However, Puddy was not very keen on the idea of another cat to share her litter box, so it took nearly 2 months for her to let him come in.  Gable is a tom cat and we just can't keep him in all the time.  However, unlike Puddy, he doesn't stay away for several days, he always comes back to eat at least once a day.  Then he naps in the cool for a day or 2 sometimes before he wants back out. 

He loves to be petted.  He also like to bit gently on your fingers.  We have discovered that he has several teeth missing and has a hard time chewing dry cat food.  We are now giving him canned cat food and he is really doing better.  After he eats he has stopped racing to the kitchen we get up.  He lays down and takes his nap. 

The bag that Puddy is sitting in is crocheted from plastic grocery bags.  It's a great way to keep those bags out of our garbage dumps.  If you want to learn how to make yarn out of them, just do a Google search for recycle plastic bags.   You will find  everything you need to know and it has step by step pictures. 

Mothra lands in Harmontown



These pictures are fuzzy.  Puddy Kat kept moving and Mothra was on the other side of the glass and it was frosted on the out side from the heat in the air.  However, you can see the size of the moth.  It is the biggest one we have ever seen in the wild. 

We called it Mothra.  However, we never did find the tiny twin girls that sang to her in the movie.  lol

(lol means laugh out loud just in case you don't have a 13 year old grand daughter to fill you in on all the new cyber lingo.)



Wild Life we see in our yard




Lots of wild life on the lake.  Blue Herons visit several times during the warm months along with wild Geese.  We have Wild Turkeys all year long. 

We had never seen a Tom Turkey during mating season.  They are so pretty with their tail feathers fanned out like a Peacock.  I never could get him to turn around and face the camera.  You have to make the pictures from the window or just very quietly from a small crack of the door.  If they hear you they are off.  If you have ever heard the expression "ran like a wild turkey" you know where it came from when you see these turkeys.   

It is a joy to live on the farm.

Sweet Pea our cow.


Sweet Pea enjoys her range cubes. 

Big Bass from our Lake!


This fish was caught from our lake.  We caught one bigger, however the line was not big enough to get it out of the water.   We have new fishing poles now.  As soon as it gets cooler we   will start fishing again.