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Granny's observations, ruminations, etc.
Just Observations

Did you hear that?

On August 31, I went into a store that sells computers, appliances, cell phones, CD's, DVD's, televisions, sound systems, etc.  In the past, I have been in this store for one thing or another and on the 31st, I was in the market for several sets of DVD's.  Since my husband and I gave up TV ten years ago, we watch only DVD's and Videos. When I went into the store, it was relatively quiet.  While looking at some DVD's and just about had my mind made up when I was blasted in the ears by a very loud noise from the stereo/cd section of the store.  Two of the employees were trying out a new sound system and everybody in the store knew about it.  I immediately dropped the DVD's I was going to purchase and almost ran out of the store.  On my way out, the greeter/information person thanked me for shopping in the store and to come back real soon.  I informed him (by yelling at him because he could not hear me over the noise from the stereo department) that I would not be back because it was too loud in the store.  I have complained to the store manager several times regarding the high level of noise in the store and it seems my complaints are falling on deaf ears (no pun intended).  This time I went home and checked out the company on the internet and found out where the home office/corporate headquarters was located and the head of the corporation; a hand written letter went off in the mail the next day. 

A store has the right to sell their product and sometimes they do it by loud music.  A store does not have the right to cause a perspective customer to loose their hearing or have it diminished just for the sake of making a sale.  When a customer and/or a sales person has to raise their voice to be heard over the sound system, the sound system is turned up too loud.  When the cashier complains about headaches or stress, it just may be the sound system is turned up too loud.  I have started carrying earplugs with me and I do use them when I go into stores because of the loudness of the sound systems. 

How many of you can still hear a pin drop? (And I do not mean a bowling pin either!)My mother lost most of hearing as a child at the age of 6 when she had scarlet fever.  She got hearing aids when she was in her late 50's but she had a very difficult time adjusting to them.  Hearing aids do not replace the wonderful hearing you were born with.  My mother told me that she could not filter out the things she did not want to hear and had a hard time separating sounds.  She never heard a cricket rub it's legs together, a bee buzzing, a frog croaking, a bird singing or rain falling softly on the grass.  These are things that I have the joy of still being able to hear because I have tried to take care of my hearing through the years.  Take care of your hearing and enjoy the things you can hear. 

"To everything there is a season,  A time for every purpose under heaven:..."  Ecclesiastes 3:1  

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