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Granny's observations, ruminations, etc.
Just Observations

Just Musing - 4 continued

Tried to get this on-line twice this morning and was disconnected before it made it.

Basil is a 2 year old basset and he is a French basset.  The French like frog legs and Basil likes to play with frogs.  He finds them somewhere on our property and picks them up and relocates them.  He then puts them down and either sits down next to them or lies down next to them and when they jump, he does the same thing all over again---picking them up, carrying them to another location and putting them down, putting his nose on them until they hop.  We have managed to relocate over 10 frogs this season and our neighbors do not seem to mind having us dump the frogs in their pond.  Basil does not harm the frogs, he just seems to enjoy playing with them.

Basil is a real character when we take him in the car.  He likes to have the windows rolled down halfway (what dog does not!?).  He usually bellows as we are driving to a small town just down the road from us.  He has a basset friend, Cleo, who looks forward to seeing him when he goes for a walk on her block.  We have been wondering what the people in the housing development that we drive by are thinking as Basil bellows out the car window.  "What was that noise?  Who has a dog or other animal that makes that kind of noise?"  All of the houses are surrounded by block walls and the noise just reverbrates through the yards.  Basil has not taken to howling in the car yet---we are waiting for that one.

Basil has been a part of our lives for over 14 months now and he is a real joy, so affectionate and loving.  He really enjoys to be held and everyone in the neighborhood knows where he lives and most of them have been by for a visit.  He still does bark and bellow at the horseriders that come by.  He can't quite figure what kind of dog a horse is!  And someone down the street has a cow and a braying donkey that both let loose on a regular basis.  So with the hound dog, the mooing cow and the braying donkey (and the honking geese periodically), it gets to be quite the country.

Have a great weekend and will touch bases next week.

"Let the glory of the LORD endure forever..." Psalm 104:31 NASB

Thursday, October 6, 2011 8:37 PM by
He sounds like a sweetie pie:) I have heard their bellow, don't know where but it is very deep. Maybe on TV? Sounds like he has wonderful human parents:)
I am glad he doesn't slobber. When they are in the movies they show them slobbering, that slobber is a real turn off for me. I also can't stand to see owners kiss them on the mouth. My daughter used to do that to her dog and my cats, lol. YUK, nasty. It's nice to live in the country, wonderful! Take care of all of youse.
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