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Lets get on with it ?

Feels like i'am losing her.
If you have grown children then you'll understand where i'am coming from, I have a daughter who i will refer to as Dee, She is my life, we have been so close we share everything, Dee is married with 2 two beautiful children, here is the problem[ her husband recently pulled a gun on her, she left him and stayed with us forĀ  a couple weeks, she got a restaining order against him,then we found out that she is being mentally abused by him, She took him back in fear of him, now we're not aloud to see her, except for about 12 min at a time, QUESTION ; what should we do, or should we leave it alone?
Reply for you
Thursday, November 15, 2012 9:43 AM by Draper Donavin
I would ask your daughter if sheis going to raise her daughters to be afraid and subserviant to thier boyfriends,then husbands later on in life.Tell her that she has to tell herself when she is alone with the piece of garbage (her husband)that she cannot crumble because it is her duty to raise her daughters in a home free of disgusting garbage for an example,and an atmosphere of freedom,less they are being taught by mom the most cruel and wrong lesson,that pigs like him should be obeyed.When she is alone w2with him,she should refer to her duty to her daughters as something that is not her "fault",and is unarguable.She should blame her stubborness on the fact that as a parent she is obligated to refuse him,and there is nothing that he can do to take that burden off of her shoulders.Its like somebody (the state,mom & dad whomever) is forcing her to do the opposite of what he wants,and as a good parent she has no choice,(which she really dosen't).Have her read this.Then I would back it up some by you calling a "child protective services" agency and explain to them,also the police and a (free if to poor) lawyer service to ask them about your rights,her rights anf between them you will probably be refered to a organization that has protective services for women like your daughter,( free protective temporary housing etc..)Use all the "official" tools that you can because the garbage that pretends that he has the right to treat anouther human being this way does not and can not afford to have anyone with courage or knowlege to step in and make this thier bussiness.Line up all your ducks in a row so that if and when you have to speak to this walking turd that you come from a position of knowledge and confidence that slavery,threats with guns,mental/emotional abuse from guys who still have brown streaks in thier underware won't be tolerated.Tell your daughter to start thinking about all the ways that she would like to physicaly hurt someone that would tell her what to do,that is such a pig that he would bully her and pull a gun on her.
Thursday, November 15, 2012 8:19 PM by
Then ask her if her plans are to be alive to raise her children?
Friday, November 16, 2012 12:13 PM by Beaudro
Give him some of his own medicine & see how he likes it.(12 gauge up his nose)

What can anyone DO 'bout it?
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