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For Flight Lovers (Only)
It is spring, no doubt, as proved from the sky but on the ground, trees are budding too slowly and seem to be waiting for winter !!!
The first 5 links were previously posted but browse on. There are 8 new spring photos added from the continuing flight.
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Grass Spray
Grass spray? ... that's right, grass is now being supplied as spray for lawns - the latest technology in agriculture (probably in landscape engineering).
It was the second occasion that I saw a truck with a huge tank, a powerful pump and long hoses, spraying green mass (slurry) on lawns in two separate places. The mass is undoubtedly grass seed or seedlings mixed with fertilizer, agrichemicals as growth accelerators, and water. After spraying the "grass spray" on the ground, the lawn becomes an instant green. From what I've seen the grass must have taken a few days to take root and just a few weeks to mature ... truly amazing!
Lawn suppliers used to supply grass (called Bermuda grass) on soil matrix, like "carpet". The rolls of "grass carpet", obviously weighing tons, needed a number of machines to be lifted, positioned and spread over the lawn and not without lots of labor. It must be for this reason that "grass spray" was conceived, invented and marketed.
Well, "grass spray" will very likely put "grass carpet" in history.
What will they think of next about grass? How about "grass bread"?
Whatever Have They Done?
I have no idea when homosexuality came out big time in the open - appalling indeed! Now there is something even more appalling - bisexuality !!
It is not easy to figure out how a bisexual functions and/or performs. Imagine ... this one night ... that the next !!
Whatever stream or river of life that is, it seems to be gaining success. The next governor of the state of Oregon is a bisexual, married to a husband and has two step children.
Whatever ... here is a better idea:
Q: What is the shortest distance between two points? A: 0.00 unit.
Q: What is the shortest path between two points? A: A line which is straight when viewed at any angle.
Thoughts Plus
I thought I had better write down the thoughts farther below before they fade from memory but snow began falling. Snowfall is one of my most favorite sceneries, so snowfall first, writing later. So I stood right next to the panoramic window and stared and gazed at the falling snow flakes.
I have seen snowfall before, but not the way I saw it just right now. Snow flakes of various sizes were being blown by the wind from the North and also by the wind from the South. The two winds were colliding with each other right outside the window, consequently the snow flakes went in all directions. Some soared in circles, others just floated and meandered around, others dove to the ground, while others flew straight up. I've never seen snow flakes flying and drifting in lovely chaos!
And speaking of snow, I have been living in this country (U.S.A.) for 3.5 decades, longer than I had lived in my home country, but I don't recall any Christmas without snow. Thick snow had always blanketed the land on Christmas day; not this year (2014), a snowless Christmas. I really know not what this means, but I fear it is not a good sign - it could perhaps be an omen, not for me personally, but for the land.
In general, it is noteworthy that snow accumulation on the ground in this country has been undoubtedly not as heavy as it used to be, i.e., in comparison with centuries past (1900, 1800, 1700 and beyond). The earth's climate has changed, very obviously. What I see in this is: It is a change befitting and according to the changes in civilization: First the growth in population. Second the growth in vehicles. Third the growth in the maze of roads, streets, and highways. These are the most important changes for which climate has to change accordingly. It is inconceivable what it would be like if the snow today were as heavy as the snows, say, during the 18th Century! Take, for a simple example, what a burden it would be to maintain roads, streets and highways under heavy snows of the past centuries with snow plows and rock salt! Also, imagine the soar in vehicle insurance claims; not to mention the horrendous heating bills! And it should not be forgotten - the unprecedented perils that such a climate poses on today's aviation, especially airlines and commercial flights.
I believe climate change is a change in the right direction.
So much for snow.
I thought of writing down the following, not necessarily in order:
 1, When times are good, do not do bad.
 2. When times are bad do not do worse.
 3. One never knows what is missing till it's gone.
 4. Destroy not anything that will destroy you.
 5. I had roasted animal for dinner.
 6. Learning is endless until you realize what the learning is for.
 7. What good is a cow without grass? It's good for steak.
 8. What good is grass without a cow? Mother Nature knows.
 9. A thousand pardons. God laid before Adam every beast and every foul to see what he would call them. Does this mean God does not know all ?
10. Pilots should envy birds: They can take off, fly and land any time, anywhere and in countless manners. EXCEPT ... a pilot who does that will surely never fly again.
11. True or False: People are scared of and fear law enforcements and courts more than criminals.
12. Humankind's final frontier: Hopefully a replacement Garden of Eden.
For Flight Lovers (Only)
Hello there Folks:
Here is another terrifying drama in the sky !!!
The story is in the Picture Blog. As usual, point at and R-click the links below and then click Open in New Window or Open in New Tab.
There are a few more choice missions left.
Until next time ...
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