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Tended Greenhouse
White House - most everyone knows what it is.
Green House or greenhouse - a house painted green? NO! It is a space enclosed in glass or plastic where plants (vegetables or flowers) are grown.
In its simplest form, without ventilation or air conditioning, gases, essentially carbon dioxide, water vapor and air (oxygen, nitrogen and inert constituents) produced within increase in concentration and are trapped in the greenhouse. Heat generated within and heat from the outside are also trapped.
A group of minds, now popular as GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES or CLIMATE CHANGE PROPONENTS, have capitalized on the theory that the earth's atmosphere is a greenhouse, that endangers life and welfare. They claim and support this theory with their works: largely travels, hundreds of photographs, may be a few scientific data. Then they announced these claims and supports with volumes of publications. Then they came to court Congress for legislation(s). They have tried but failed to persuade Congress to enact climate change legislation.
Congress is far knowledgeable and intelligent, thank God Almighty.
No amount of data and publications have exhaustive proof the earth is a greenhouse tomb.
Take a little greenhouse. Engineer and install a gas disposal system composed of: (1) Duct with vacuum (exhaust) system on the roof. (2) Blower system fed with filtered, cleaned outside air. Air condition the space if possible.
Now, given the capacity of the disposal system, put anything that will produce gas of any kind, including flatulence, in the greenhouse.
Now turn on the gas disposal system.
Neglect heat generation and transfer in this concise writing.
Now verify the existence of any gas in this greenhouse which the GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES claim "will endanger health and welfare". 
There is no room for tendentious claims in this little greenhouse. 
CO2, the gas species blamed by GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES to be responsible for blanketing heat on earth and will eventually suffocate the earth's inhabitants, is a very volatile organic compound. Its boiling point is -56.6°C and sublimes at -78.5 °C, therefore it cannot be anything but gas at ordinary temperatures. Its kinetic energy increases directly with temperature. Although heavier than air, its diffusivity in air is one of the highest among the gaseous elements and compounds, meaning, once produced in the atmosphere, it disappears in the air, reaching inconceivable distances away (preferable to saying it is airborne). Also, 179.6 cc of CO2 dissolves in 100 parts of water at 0°C and 90 cc in 100 parts at 20°C, so it is very soluble in cold water.
The earth is a mysterious, overwhelmingly huge greenhouse of the kind just described. Its vacuum system is the vast outer space. Its blower system is the restless winds. It is absurd to calculate the capacity of the earth's "gas disposal system" and compare it with the capacity of its inhabitants to emit gases. The earth is definitely not a greenhouse tomb
Even if massive quantity of CO2 is produced in the atmosphere its concentration cannot be localized. It will quickly diffuse into the air, as it were stolen by a thief, even unto the fringes of the atmosphere; even more so when hot. It will be swept by the winds to incalculable heights and distances. Its chaotic path ends at the fringes of the earth's atmosphere. From there the extremely fast, elusive CO2 will wildly disperse into the infinite vastness of outer space.  (I doubt if anybody is certain it is still CO2 at this stage). The mass of CO2 settling by gravity on the bodies of water on earth will be absorbed by the water whereby it will be consumed and/or converted by certain biological or chemical processes (Marine biologists have purported CO2 is processed in coral formation. It is no surprise because coral is essentially carbonaceous, the basic component of which is CO2). The vegetable kingdom has been long known to consume large quantities of CO2.
Barring unscrupulous, corrupt motivations, it is not doing justice to accuse COof any wrong doing in the earth's atmosphere. 
If the earth were a greenhouse tomb, we would not be here today doing more harm to fellowmen than the harm they claim the slandered CO and associates are doing.
And, should all the earth's systems fail, there is an Almighty God, Creator of the earth, who knows best to abate and fix the failure.  We can only hope it will not be at the all-consuming expense of the earth's living inhabitants.
Microsoft's Spring Updates & Product Changes
A certain technology writer has reported Microsoft's plans for updates and changes on certain products this spring.
The updates will address issues about Windows 8.0 and 8.1, among which is about touch commands (designed for touch-screen applications) that do not translate perfectly on traditional mouse, keyboard or touchpad PC's and tablets. Another update, already in the market, allows 2 or more application programs side by side, meaning for example, the user can store 2 or more browsers and switch from one browser to another, which was not possible before. Updates are free to download for users and nocturnal automated PCs.
Some of the planned changes will, on the one hand,  minimize hardware requirements for functions performable through software in forthcoming products, particularly Windows Phone; e.g., at least 4 buttons will be eliminated. On the other hand, hardware such as power and setting buttons will replace the less accessible touch commands. Also, PC's and tablets will require less storage and memory space than before. Most of the planned changes are geared towards reducing manufacturing costs.
All these changes evolve from Microsoft's seemingly endless research and development in keeping with its goal to produce pioneering and innovative Microsoft products. Competitions unequivocally are doing the same, and so Microsoft's goal ends in succession of goals!
Should CA Split Into 6 States?
I could not wait to publicize this debatable issue.
A prominent capitalist has been authorized by the Secretary of the State of CA to muster signatures of voters for a petition to split CA into 6 independent states. The petition will qualify for a ballot (Congressional?). His main reason is: "CA has become nearly ungovernable because of recent social and economic changes".
Details in insert below.
I see many CONS against the split, mostly financial, such as the ff:
  • Taxes in each state created will dramatically increase to finance initial expenses, e.g., salary, housing, benefits, travels, misc. expns. for the governor and leaders of various state departments/bureaus, their staff and personnel; procurement, construction, rents of state buildings for the aforementioned; state vehicles; and so forth, etc., etc.
  • On the on-going state, maintenance of the state government created will be financed inevitably as never before
  • The CONS do not stop at the state level but continue down to the local governments that will be created and maintained for each state
  • On the on-going basis, property and income taxes will be disturbed for the worse
  • New projects will surely emerge, as never before, for financing
  • New taxes of all sorts will surely be levied or collected
  • There will be new fees for basic necessities such as water, gas, light, sewer, garbage collection etc.   
  • New state rules and regulations will be enforced as never before
  • Miscellaneous changes will be implemented, e.g., license plates, telephone area code, ZIP code, zones, etc. 
  • Citizens of each independent state created will be laden with financial burdens of all sorts as never before 
  • This will be a monumental endeavor
  • The land of CA will be divided into 6 kingdoms as it were
This blog is especially open to comments PROS or CONS, relevant or jokes
Should CA Split Into 6 States.jpg
Jesus Christ, The Dawn Of Science And Technology
I have two 18 year old VHS player/recorder which I alternately use occasionally. Each one is a superb equipment and when I periodically open it for maintenance, I marvel at how this equipment was conceived, designed and constructed. There are numerous parts, including electronic components the size of a grain of rice, not to mention tiny gears, springs and screws. I am particularly fascinated by the mechanical parts and greatly amazed by how the inventor conceived, designed and made each part and then assembled the parts together to perform synchronized motions.
Superb piece of equipment indeed and this is only one of the innumerable inventions by man. Seeing these man-made miracles, it is not naive or "boring" to think of Jesus Christ.
Jesus never saw a simple incandescent lamp all his life, yet humans had lived eons before his time. This is evidenced by the fact that he himself knew about Moses and Elias from the Scriptures. Both prophets lived incalculable number of years before him. Humankind may never know exactly or at least accurately all the miracles of Jesus. There were no man-made miracles during those times so Divine miracles had to happen and obviously Jesus was born for that purpose. The few men that Jesus gathered, known later as disciples, attested to his miracles. With these men, Jesus formed a group, the purpose of which was known only to him but was branded subversive and heretic by authorities in Jerusalem. He was arrested and forced during persecution to claim himself the Messiah. He was crucified and died on the cross. His disciples travelled far and wide to propagate Christianity. Yet to this day Jesus is not recognized as the Christ by unknown number of skeptics and cynics.
Be that as it may, but great mysteries happened after the birth and death of Jesus. Man began to be inquisitive, inventive, scientific. Great inventions were manufactured. By the 17th century A. D. man had developed electricity and subsequently the eclectric motor, electric locomotive, etc. The Periodic Table Of Chemical Elements had evolved towards the beginning of the 18th century A. D. and the steam engine also was perfected around this time. The first electric light bulb was developed in the late 18th century and then commercialized to light the world. Inventions continued from then on and led to the countless man-made miracles available in the world today (2014 A. D.).
It is superfluous to say none of the man-made miracles existed prior to the birth of Jesus.
Evidently Jesus is certainly the Christ. His birth heralded the change in the spirit of humankind.
The birth and death of Jesus Christ marked the dawn of science and technology.




Wherefore The Human Life?
The Fate Of Dots.jpg
The human life is like rice - rice more than wheat because unlike wheat, rice needs all the blessings it can get, to name a few: plenty of water and sunshine, peaceful weather, earth nutrients and more.
With all the blessings, a grain (seed) of rice planted on the earth will sprout, take root and grow into a full-grown plant. Its blade-like leaves will turn the field into lush green. It will bloom and bear seeds. When golden, the grain is ripe and ready for harvest. The rice plant has accomplished its purpose.
After harvest, the body of the rice plant, the stubble, is either left on the ground until the ground is plowed again or is burned and plowed with the ground, but its grain awaits its fate. Either it will be cooked then eaten and transformed (destroyed) into the nutrients, or planted again on earth to live another life.
The human, like a grain of rice, is born into this world, grows, matures, some beget offspring(s), continues to live, then eventually dies.
Human life and spirit are ripe when the person dies. Metaphorically it is harvest. The grain of rice is golden when harvested. Unfortunately, unlike the grain of rice, the human spirit is not always golden at harvest time. The human body turns into dust in its grave, or to ashes when cremated or ends in various other unexpected ways. Like the grain of rice that awaits its fate, the human spirit awaits Divine Judgment either to be taken into the Divine Realm, or born again into this world or destroyed.
Wherefore the human life, then?
A communications receiver is a very interesting equipment among the millions of man-made miracles of this generation. The housing and chassis are its body. Its knobs, switches and antenna are its body extremities. Its circuit board with all its electronics and electrical components is its brain. Its reception (process/function) in so many ways resembles the human spirit.
Reception is vulnerable to intruding transmission signals of the same frequency, unless protected by hi-tech systems without which the receiver can become unreliable and/or destructive especially if it is a vital part of a control system. Invulnerability of reception to intruding signals is therefore of utmost importance.
The electronics engineer designs the receiver circuit, constructs one model and tests its reception for invulnerability to signal intrusions. If the model fails but still usable, the designer does every conceivable improvements. The model is reconstructed and tested. If it fails but still usable, it is again improved, the model is reconstructed and tested and so forth and so on until invulnerability to intruding signals is attained.
I just got information that communications receivers are flexible. They can be converted and used for other applications such as televisions, radio controls, broadcast radios, surveillance monitors, computer interfaces (wireless models) and various receiver systems.
Whether the model will be kept as a reference (relic model), reconstructed or destroyed depends on the judgment of the design engineer who certainly follows specific criteria for reception.
The human life as a communications receiver is an unseen, extremely subtle, untold analogy.
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