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From Flame To Light

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How long has man been on earth? There is no exact figure, but proofs say a very long time indeed. One might ask, if man has been here on earth that long, what has he been doing? Shouldn’t he today live longer than 115 years? Shouldn’t he today no longer need life’s basic necessities so unemployment and slavery can be illiminated? Better yet, shouldn’t he be revived from the dead in 3 days today? Great day in the morning! Man did not even have a simple incandescent lamp to give him light some 2,000 years ago!
However, consider the time frame between the biblical Jesus of Nazareth and today, no question about it – a little over 2000 years … only, and yet it should stir one’s imagination that within this time frame, man not only has created the simple incandescent lamp to light him in the dark, but also all the man-made miracles such as computers, cell phones, automations, cars, jetplanes, infrastructures and thousand others. Compare with the very long time indeed, may be millions of years, that man had been on earth, with comparatively insignificant accomplishments, until about 2,000 years ago. Something … happened!
Anybody who bothers searching for a 2,000 year old incandescent lamp would search uselessly – there is not one to be found, not even in the bible. But the Book of Revelation 21:4, 23 – 26, in my own chosen words for brevity, says God shall wipe away the tears from their eyes; the city shall no longer need the sun nor the moon to give them light, for God’s glory gave the light and the Lamb is the light; and there shall be no night there (this was mentioned twice: Ch. 21:25, Ch. 22:5).
No offense of any kind is intended against anybody in the following paragraph.
The Holy Bible appears so complex one can be a vain paranoid or schizophrenic putting meaning to its words, sentences or paragraphs. Misleading interpretations can be anything but right direction. I believe the Holy Bible is straight-forward and should not be read figuratively or as a metaphor although I must admit that the Book of Revelation is a book that needs a world of interpretations very much like interpreting dreams! With the Book of Revelation as an exception, the Holy Bible is similar to a manual – a Divine Manual. Manuals are not written figuratively or metaphorically lest they lose functionality. The complexity which very likely can be misconstrued as figurative or metaphoric is mainly the product of the arduous task by translators to write the original Scripture in a different language and yet preserve its originality word by word, verse by verse and chapter by chapter.
Moreover, certain chapters in the Bible contain numerous details, so numerous indeed that it will tire the reader, if the reader is not searching for specific facts of interest. The author had a foresight that time will come when man shall trek through those numerous details. They were written under divine inspiration undoubtedly for this reason.
Now, the Book of Revelation must be understood. It reveals some prophecies which have already been fulfilled but remain unnoticed. Today, does anybody have to shed tears doing work? No need. Electricity will do almost everything. Hence man’s tears have been wiped away. The Book of Revelation said so. Today, does anybody need to wait for daylight to do any activity in a building, specifically large, tall buildings? No need either. The Holy Bible said so. Just flip a switch. And should anybody’s activity in the city be stymied by night? Not even in the city dungeons, it shouldn’t. There is no night in the city anymore. The Book of Revelation said so. These are but a few biblical realizations wherein man has to shed tears no more.
Light was the divine word and through man light was created ….. man’s light.
The development of man’s light? Consider the following:
flame/fire (torch) ==> oil lamp ==> candle ==> gas lamp ==> battery lamp ==> electric lamp (tungsten)
Obviously unnoticed, the Holy Bible’s promise on tears and light reached maturity sometime in the 17th century when electricity was developed and subsequently in the late 18th century when the first incandescent lamps were produced.
The last words of the Holy Bible are written in the Book Of Revelation, Chapter 22. One can try to search for so much as a clue or hint of whatever comes to pass after man's light. There is nothing to be found but pure, free water and the Almighty God.
The Holy Bible seems to say: From Flame To Light.
It follows that whatever process supersedes the initial man-made light is no longer covered by this Divine Manual.
First writing 09Dec2009
Heaven's Statement Of Account
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