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Microsoft's Spring Updates & Product Changes
A certain technology writer has reported Microsoft's plans for updates and changes on certain products this spring.
The updates will address issues about Windows 8.0 and 8.1, among which is about touch commands (designed for touch-screen applications) that do not translate perfectly on traditional mouse, keyboard or touchpad PC's and tablets. Another update, already in the market, allows 2 or more application programs side by side, meaning for example, the user can store 2 or more browsers and switch from one browser to another, which was not possible before. Updates are free to download for users and nocturnal automated PCs.
Some of the planned changes will, on the one hand,  minimize hardware requirements for functions performable through software in forthcoming products, particularly Windows Phone; e.g., at least 4 buttons will be eliminated. On the other hand, hardware such as power and setting buttons will replace the less accessible touch commands. Also, PC's and tablets will require less storage and memory space than before. Most of the planned changes are geared towards reducing manufacturing costs.
All these changes evolve from Microsoft's seemingly endless research and development in keeping with its goal to produce pioneering and innovative Microsoft products. Competitions unequivocally are doing the same, and so Microsoft's goal ends in succession of goals!
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