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Climate Science, Anyone?
An Ausralian published a blog that the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. Tony Abbot is an audacious opposition to Climate Science.
Since he became Prime Minister, the budget for climate science had been drastically slashed, causing the unemployment of a quarter of the climate scientists.
If budget cuts are necessary for more imperative use, the Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbot, should not slash a quarter of the climate scientists only. He should ax the climate science outfit down to a quarter or to zero.
Climate Science indeed.
For generations, Meteorology has been good enough in forecasting weather and climate with only the barometer, wet-and-dry bulb sling psychrometer, anemometer, compass, thermometer, and rain gauge as measuring instruments. Civilization needed no more than information from the meteorologist that a violent weather was brewing nearby. People took necessary precautions. If ever there were casualties from a devastating weather, there never was significant impact on population. Life went on and weather forecasting mainly remained as news accessory. There were no indications that Meteorologists desired to know the mysteries of climate and weather.  
Computers and observation satellites were invented and went in operation from which climate science was invented and evolved no too long ago.
Now climate science speculates human activities cause adverse climate changes. Would you believe the CO 2 level of countries are now automatically monitored? This will be used in the future to control, among meriads of other things, your use of home cooking stoves !!! According to climate science cooking contributes to the CO level in the atmosphere which traps heat from the earth that causes climate changes and global warming and will eventually suffocate all living creatures.
Had there been no computers and observation satellites there would not be bunches of climate scientists to purport such speculations today.
Therefore climate science is only a product of computers and satellites. It considers weather and climate as quantifiable statistical data from which their properties can be theoretically predicted for today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and far into the future. Only ... wait until yesterday's forecast for today's weather is totally in error.
Climate science has done and will do nothing for humankind than provide employment for minds mesmerized by computers and satellites. Not bad at all, but it is abused.
Once again, Meteorology is good enough as it has always been. Humankind does not really need to know the mysteries of, let alone attempt to control, climate and weather .
About Aging PC's
Majority of the PC's marketed in the U.S. are designed and made on Microsoft Platform. There are more than a dozen PC brands, each using a system from any of the more than 135 systems manufacturers; each brand selling one or more models; more than 2 dozen versions possible per model; each version different in features and/or construction.
Windows by Microsoft is the present Operating System (O/S) of all Microsoft Platform PC's.
As these PC's age towards their life cycle, their performance diminishes significantly from when they were first used brand new, specifically its online (internet) functions. Sluggish to very slow operating characteristics, failures, freezings and crashes as well as graphics and text defects are the easily noticeable symptoms of online depreciation.
To a PC owner/operator who has no particular interest in computers and has money to spend, such symptoms could lead to an easy decision to "junk" the computer... nothing to lose but a piece of junk and more to gain with a $700-$1500 brand new piece of yet another future junk!
However, not all PC owners/operators have money to spend on yet another future junk. Some have untiring interest in computers and plenty of time to sit around and repair their ailing PC. For these kinds of people, the depreciating PC can be revived or rejuvenated. The life-cycle can be extended if not by-passed.
Windows happens to be provided by Microsoft with online updating. There is a Windows Automatic Updating feature that can be turned on in the Control Panel. That's all there is to it. Whenever online, the system automatically checks the internet for update programs, download, configure uninterruptingly and, at a default or user-designated time, install these updates onto the hard drive, ready to use as needed by the system.
So far so good. The online functionality of the PC improves with updates.
However, there is a terrible risk: It seems the Microsoft Platform does not differentiate the sources of updates  The Windows O/S (non-browser related programs) could be adversely affected by the update programs to the point of losing Windows functionalities altogether. One disastrous effect of updates is when System Restore on the embed menu is disabled. The option left is the manual Computer Repair feature which accesses the Restore To Factory Image Program. With this Program, the PC will be restored to the condition when it was bought brand new. Then Backup files can be downloaded and lost accumulated updates can be recovered by turning on the Automatic Update which will install such updates as online use progresses.
However, there is the dreadful probability that the manual Computer Repair Program could also be disabled by updates. When this happens, the hard drive becomes useless for restore and/or repair purposes and the O/S will be no longer Windows but anybody's guess!
A replacement hard drive is an option, but the PC will never be anything like it used to be and could only end in frustrations.
A smart Windows user should therefore be cautious of updates. Allow automatic updates only when there are noticeable flaws in the PC's internet functions. Bear in mind that updates could disable Windows programs so turn off updating when no longer needed.
Moreover, whenever any PC function becomes erratic, the safest and easiest remedy is to avail the Systems Restore feature rather than ask anybody or search the internet.
Finally, one very smart precaution to protect Windows - on top of all the security programs - is not to wait for and react to malfunctions. Check within reasonable spans of time on the responsiveness of the System Restore Program. Any hesitation of this Program at any time signals Computer Repair is in order. Waste no time to use the Restore To Factory Image Program before the PC goes to waste.
Barring fatal criminal programs looming in the depths of the internet, the aforementioned tips should help Windows O/S perform satisfactorily and last indefinitely.
One Of My Projects: The Lady

IMG_0018.JPG       IMG_0003.JPG      IMG_0013.JPG

 IMG_0004.JPG    IMG_0010.JPG       

Unassembled replica was in transit from Frostburg, MD for 4 days; delivered 03Apr2014.

Accessories were procured 05Apr2014.

Project was completed within 24 hours 05-06Apr2014.