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Soda Drinks Banned In NYC
The Board of Health of New York City, NY (BHONYC) has attempted to ban soda drinks (Pepsi, Coke, etc.); imposing restrictions on the sale of such products in the City. The issue purported was the sugary drinks contain high-fructose corn syrup which the BHONYC speculates is the underlying cause of the epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
The inclusive dates when the BOHNYC has been banning the soda drinks is not clear, but New York City's highest court refused to reinstate the ban in a recent ruling. According to the ruling, the BOHNYC overstepped its bounds when it engaged in law-making beyond its health regulatory authority. Thus the merits of the "Portion Cap Rule" (legislature in nature, banning soda drinks) that it used to implement the ban cannot be recognized as legislative.
The lower courts of NYC had been blocking the "Portion Cap Rule" when some of the affected City's businesses sued, and their decision was upheld when the ban was overturned.
Soda drinks cause obesity and diabetes? Why ... hundreds of millions of people consume soda drinks regularly, nearly since birth, and they are neither obese nor sick with diabetes! I am one of them! 
What will somebody like the BOHNYC ban next? Bread?  According to some minds akin to the BOHNYC, foods are carcinogens. I'd ban eating if I were they.
Now Drones In The Laborious Attempts By Theoreticians To Modify The Weather
Weather modification is a process of inducing clouds to yield rain. Theoreticians, both past and present, posit that when certain parti-culates are spread into a cloud formation, water vapor (cloud) will nucleate around each of the particulates (seed) and form countless minute airborne particles of water. The cloud formation eventually becomes a precipitation which is too heavy for the atmosphere (air) to hold. The precipitation comes down from the atmosphere as rain.
The theory posited is called "cloud seeding", which was serendipitously discovered in 1946. The particulates referred to are known as cloud condensation nuclei, CCN (I'd call them "seeding agents"). These are very fine solid compounds such as Silver Iodide and solid  Carbon Dioxide, not excluding table salt, carbon black, dust, soot, etc. L iquid Propane has also been tried: When allowed to expand into a cloud formation it supercools the water vapor (cloud) which will nucleate into ice crystals and henceforth, precipitation.
Cloud seedings have been done using manned airborne aircrafts and ground-based rockets and flares to dump or spread the "seeding agents" into cloud formations. Now the elite drone business, at its best, is obviously trying to bore into the seeding operation for  rea-sons that are all too good not be a ubiquitous pretext, viz., (1) Aircrafts and pilots weigh several times more than a drone, therefore, fuel consumption is comparatively more expensive. (2) Ground-based rockets and flares are limited in aerial coverage while drones  cover wider and farther air space. (3) Drones can be made to fly and seed above, into or below cloud formations that are at close proximity to terrain, a flying environment which is too risky for manned airborne aircraft and prohibited by the FAA. (4) Cloud-chasing  during a storm means multiple take-offs and landings, too risky for manned airborne aircraft.
The drone business avoids to divulge: (1) A drone is operated by radio control which is prone both to unprecedented operator errors and numerous electronic/equipment malfunction. (2) Unknown and unexpected parameters especially during a storm can easily send  the mediocre-powered drone plummeting to the ground. (3) The probability of transmitter sabotage from the ground exists.
All of the aforementioned sound convincing! Unfortunately, the cloud seedings that have been done so far evidently indicated success only on supercooled water vapor. This means seeding will most likely work only in winter atmospheric conditions. Therefore, this seren-dipity is more for bringing down snow (hopefully not hailstones) than rain!
Moreover, previous cloud-seeding operations were mostly precarious, laborious attempts, mostly error and failure. This theoretical process has not been established since its inception. It is an unpopular, rarely sought business. There would not be any areas in this country and elsewhere on earth suffering from drought today if cloud seeding were undoubtedly effective.
Some of these theoreticians are even outspoken on how cloud is formed. For those interested, their theories are available in several websites in the internet under the general topic "Nucleation or Cloud Condensation Nuclei".
In solitary retrospect, I ponder how the earth and generations of its inhabitants lived through eons of times, including the present,  without cloud seeding. Our ancestors had profound faith that rain could be brought down as a blessing through solemn prayers or invocations or even offerings.
It seems the drought-stricken areas in this U.S.A. were implying to the cloud-seeding theoreticians that the Almighty God is saying:
"Let us see what your theory can do."