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Beware Of Dominant Sofware(s)
My PC (Personal Computer) was "crippled" recently after running for a while a software that I had loaded on the hard drive. 
Made by a well-known brand, this PC is very good indeed. Although not top of the line in price I operate and maintain it as
though it were worth millions! It is not but  I just want  everything in it normally functional as needed; and no harm on it in
any way. It will be exactly 6 years old in December this year. 
My first PC lasted 8 years before its power circuit malfunctioned. I tried electrical repair but I must have damaged some circuits or parts in the way and the trouble got worse. It had already reached its life cycle; could hardly open websites, so I let it go. Being
new to computers I encountered too many issues and malfunctions in this PC before its demise. I had to ship it to the manufacturer
for repair and back in 3 separate occasions at no less than $200 each plus shipping!
Funny, looking back, I now realize I could have done the repairs myself! 
Nevertheless, I had learned from that first computer so much that by the time I purchased this other one to replace it, there
was nothing that I did not already know about what a normally operating PC should be; how to resolve issues; and troubleshooting malfunctions. 
About two weeks ago, Windows failed to open any of my Personal Files Folders. Restoring the O/S (Operating System) to a select
restore point should troubleshoot this malfunction, but upon opening the System Restore Program, there was not a single restore
point to select! They had all been deleted! For a minute I was worried the Advanced Booting Option (ABO, a direct keyboard to
screen booting) had also been disabled; if so, I was facing a bigger trouble: The End of this PC as it were! Luckily the ABO worked!
I immediately restored the O/S to Factory Image - the only repair left. After restoration, of course it takes a lot of patience and
time to recover the O/S as well as systems data and personal files.
I have never experienced such PC troubles! What disabled those Windows programs? This computer has so many times encoun-
tered harmful "clouds" lurking in the internet, but they  were not so damaging as to disable vital programs. Also, there has been
nothing that System Restore could not recover. Moreover, since right off the box, brand new, I have never loaded non-vital
software(s) on the hard drive which would cause such troubles either ... except this simulation software which I purchased
recently and has captivated me lately! There was nothing new in the hard drive but this software. Therefore, it undoubtedly
caused the troubles. 
The software is for Radio Control (RC) flight simulation. It is a very amazing, awesome software! Reviews from past and current
users  describe running the software is like really flying the RC aircraft in the field. I agree, but I describe it more like replaying
and controlling a video record of your real RC flight in the field ... plus ... feeling the reaction of the simulation  stick (aileron and elevator control). The simulation stick becomes tough to control during a dead dive or at full flaps, very similar to the stick in the cockpit of the real aircraft ... incredible how this was invented!
Although RC flight simulators have been commercialized over no less than 10 years now, I have never experienced it until recently.
I will probably never know what went into the making of the software.  All I can say is it is one of the man-made miracles of this generation!
However, it is now clear to me it is a very dominant software. I very much doubt if the manufacturer knows that at a certain
point in time after prolonged runs (about 2 weeks  in this case) the software disables and/or deletes vital PC programs and data.
The mechanics and/or electronics of the domination is probably not known, but I speculate the software "grabs" storage spaces
for its data. In addition, I have observed its domineering power is enhanced when it is run while the PC system is concurrently on
the internet.
Well, right now it is a matter of fixing the troubles caused by the flight simulation software. But if it causes worse trouble in the
future, it might be a matter of deciding whether to operate the vital functions of the PC or ... run the software for the thrills of
simulated flight. I might be needing two PC's some thrilling day!
A lot worse, now that I am an expert in simulated RC flight, the very enticing and tantalizing idea of real RC flight is gradually
becoming irresistible! Many say RC flight is addictive ...
This Lingering Other Thought
Sitting on my old swivel office chair, I savored this sufficiently comfortable life. I alternated between being immersed with my PC on my old office table and invariably being engrossed in the splendor of the lush green trees extending from just across the road to the hori-zon with the blue sky with white and gray clouds yonder in a panoramic view from my window.
Tears filled these old eyes when in retrospect I knew this basically and essentially good, frugal life, including this scenery, is my reward for everything that I earnestly and devotedly  worked for and went through when I was young. A pick of very pretty rose, I might say. 
However, the very pretty rose is not without thorns!
My PC system went down very recently. I had to repair it. I reserve the details in a future blog.
My body also went down. There  was quite an unbearable sensitive muscular pain in my left leg, a bit of cramp on the left foot, and  a sensitive pain in one of my remaining teeth. I became a doctor and dentist to myself. All the maladies but slight leg pain are now gone and I saved a few hundred $$$. 
And yet, Behold! Right before my eyes was the splendid view of creation!
My mind drifted to this other thought which I must write down lest would be lingering and began to ponder about the Holy Bible, the Almighty God, Jesus Christ Lord and Friend and Satan.
The Almighty God is perfect, or so I remember it was said, perhaps in the Holy Bible or in some other sources; and I believe. It should follow the Almighty God's creation is perfect.
Humans, animals and plants are each a creation by the Almighty God. Physiological systems comprise the bodies of these humans, animals and plants. They are supposed to be perfect.
BUT NO, they are not !!! Some have defects, right at birth. Diseases and illnesses afflict these creations, more specifically as they grow old; pains in the leg, foot, tooth, you name it!
If you were a good, conscientious craftsman, you would undoubtedly create a perfect craft and put everything in that craft that would make it perfect through infinity. I believe every good and conscientious manufacturer is such a craftsman. Point finger at a car manufacturer, for example, who will deliberately manufacture a car with a defect(s)!
Why then would a creation by, of all creators, the Almighty God, be defective or vulnerable to afflictions? What Almighty God would be so insane or demented to let this be so? 
This should lead one to think that there is an opposing power ...  opponent or opposition or competitor or antagonist or what not ... against the Almighty God. Since the beginning, this opposing power has been responsible for the defects and permeability to afflictions in God's creations.
Through the ages, the opposing power has been named, Satan, whom the Holy Bible, Christians as well, consider as the enemy of God.
It is not justice to call Satan as an enemy. Satan stands for a divine Opposing Power, perhaps equal to some extent to the Almighty God. Moreover, Satan has been wretchedly branded an evil - a villain that stands for anything but good and holy. 
Albeit, it is not farfetched to believe that Satan created humans, animals and plants, just as the Almighty God did, and belong to Satan to this day.
Unfortunately for humankind, there is no means of distinguishing one creation from the other. Both Creators are so clever and cunning not to leave any identifying trace on their creations.
My Goodness! One can only imagine what would happen if we humans knew who among us were created by the Almighty God and who were created by Satan! This must be one reason the Catholic Church solemnly and in many ways vehemently preaches there is only one God.
Be that as it may, the two Divine Powers coexist very likely equally in all aspects of creations and scenarios here on earth: What one power can do, so also can the other.
In the simplest analogy, the Almighty God and the Opposing Power remind me of Popeye and Bluto, respectively and vice-versa; once a cartoon TV series.