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To Sorellian
In response to your comment on my "We Might Just Say ... ",
Sorellian, I thought it best to be outspoken.
I don't know about you, but there is God. There has to be
or there wouldn't be any Scriptures (The Holy Bible), for one thing.
You may not know it, but the Old Testament describes the works
of God, and the adversary as well, through eons. During those times
humankind was totally dependent on God (and Nature), and so God
was practically in direct contact with this civilization of antiquity. 
Nevertheless, take special notice that humans lived longer then.
The Old Testament attests there were certain human beings who
lived almost 1,000 years during this, what we might say, "era of God"!
The New Testament essentially describes the gospels of a man from
Nazareth, Jesus. The written testimonies of certain individuals (Disciples)
purport and attest the man, Jesus, was (and is) the Christ as prophesied
in the Old Testament. Civilization during this time (Roman Empire) was far
better of course than during the "era of God". Humankind depended less
on God and Nature and so God's direct contact with humans diminished,
if not completely ended.
Through time, the truth of the gospels must have been witnessed by the
Romans themselves, or there wouldn't be the Vatican today.
It is noteworthy that civilization changed dramatically, almost overnight 
in comparison with antiquity, since the death of Jesus Christ. It is believed
that humankind existed on this earth for millions of years ... and yet they
never had even the simple incandescent lamp. Something happened to the
minds of humankind after the death of the Christ. Within only about 2,000
years since then, civilization not only had the simple incandescent lamp,
but almost uncountable inventions that antiquity never even dreamed of!
The most important change in the history of humankind since the death
of Jesus Christ is: Whereas it would have taken God to cure illnesses and
diseases, soothe the pains in our bodies, remove or eliminate physical suffer-
ings,  etc., physicians can accomplish all these today ... all these and myriad 
other inventions came about within only 2,000 years (not millions of years) 
since the death of Jesus Christ. 
Clearly therefore, the mystery of Jesus Christ is behind what civilization is today.
Putting it another way, Jesus Christ has relegated his works on a lot of humans.
Nevertheless, humankind now misses direct contact with God and a 1,000 year
old living human.
We Might Just Say ...
We might just say:
We have a  "h  n  y"  Father who is eternally good at "f.....g",
judging and punishing.
We have a Lord and Friend who is ever so forgiving, understanding;
soothes pains and alleviates sufferings. When our time is up, He has
jobs waiting for us somewhere and will transport us there.
What is life and why are we here? Well, a man and a woman met each
other, and whose love and/or lust  for each other yielded all sorts of
mistakes that have been crowding here. Life is a specimen supplied
in cycles in our Father's eternal laboratory.
You asked WHAT is going on? Silly! We might just say: Your question
is very ubiquitous but needs a world of rich answers.
A Diversion From The Splendor Of Autumn: "Bad Moon Rising"
By now the splendor of the myriad colors of Autumn is slowly becoming all too common.
The photo in the link below is a diversion from the splendor of Autumn. It is purely Nature; no tricks.
I only heard about "Bad Moon Rising" in a song, but never knew it really exists.
Hassles From Crisp US Dollar Bills
There are occasions when you'd rather pay cash than other means
such as the very popular credit or debit card. When you do, the new,
crisp US Dollar Bill could be hassling or upsetting.
Any two newly printed US Dollar Bill (paper money) could be hardly
pressed together that vacuum is created between them. Conse-
quently, atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi exerts pressure on the
surfaces of the two paper money which will be held together by
this pressure and will remain as such until some force separates
them  from each other.
Simply put, any two brand new US paper money could get so stuck
together that they will appear as one. It should be understood that
... any two brand new paper money ... means one, two, three or
more could be stuck together as long as there is space between any
two bills. For example, $400 could appear as 2-$100 bills but in fact
it is 3-$100 stuck together (held forever by 14.7 psi of atmospheric
pressure) plus 1-$100 bill. This is an overpayment by $200! What a
mis fortune when this happens!
It happened to me just yesterday morning. The bank cashed newly
printed, crisp $100 bills for me.
My first stop was at the local grocery store. I pulled out 2-$100 bills
and 2-$20 bills to pay a purchase worth $238. From here, I went to
two other places, including a restaurant; refueled at a gas station, 
and finally yet to another store. But before entering this last store,
I checked the old wallet. Something was wrong! There wasn't as
many $100 bills as there should be!
A quick inventory revealed $100 was missing!
Fortunately from this misfortune, I did not pay with the brand new
paper money at the restaurant; so that left the gas station and the
grocery store to search.
Not wasting a second, I dashed to the gas station. It happened the
Manager was so kind-hearted indeed as to make an inventory for the
day (which he does normally before store closing at night), just to
help me search for the missing paper money. He confirmed, and was
honest and sure it wasn't there. I thanked him but I'm not sure it was
enough for this special bother. So that left the grocery store for the
search. It was about 10 miles away. It normally takes about 25 minutes
to get there. I did it in about 12 mins. flat.
The missing $100 bill was there! What happened was I handed the
2-$100  and 2-$20 bills to the cashier, the normal way. Although
I never paid atten tion to what she did, she most probably simply
put the bills one on top the other and into the cash register, the
normal way. Neither of us knew 2-$100 bills were stuck together
plus 1-$100. Neither of us knew I overpaid by $100.
The message I wish to send across here (perhaps to the U.S. Treas ury) 
is there must be some means to minimize, if not completely eliminate,
the  vacuum between crisp, newly printed US Dollar Bills. Roughening
the surface of the stock paper before printing is one feasible process.
Roughening will allow air to reside between any two paper surfaces.
I heard about "brushing"  or "combing" the paper stock before printing. 
If nothing is done, the consequences, as in the above unfortunate
circum stances, are very probable to happen in many places. Even the
banks are probably having problems counting the stacks of new US
paper money. I am still wondering how the banks are able to do this
without any miscount due to stuck papers!
The easiest way of course is leave it to the consumer! This unfortu-
nately means consumers must take extra care "above the normal way"
before paying with newly printed US Dollar Bills ... meaning make sure
you lick your fingers and separate any possible US paper money that
are stuck together. Not bad, but it is not easy for consumers to be
always "above the normal way" while paying with US Dollar Bills. Above
all, "Americans, The Dollar Licker", will be a ludicrous icon and image
abroad for the citizens of this country.
Helpful concerns will be gratefully appreciated.