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Happy holidays.
A Little Tinge Of Wonder
I was having supper at about the same time last night (21Dec2014) when a little surprisingly wonderful thing happened.
I went back to the kitchen for a second serving and Lo and Behold! A Lady Bug was on the countertop, at the narrow edge just before the sink.
The hemispherical wings of this little friend were shinny reddish orange dotted with tiny odd-shaped olive green spots (not the common black round spots). It was walking ever so slowly on the narrow countertop, stopping now and then, apparently to suck on some liquid food smudges.
Said I to the little critter: "Hello my little friend !!!  What are you doing here? How did you get here? Where did you come from? Who sent you here?"
I got no answer. So everything was alright!
My little friend appeared unperturbed and continued what it was doing. I went back to my table and continued my supper and watched TV a little bit. I returned to the kitchen. My little friend had disappeared !!!
How the Lady Bug found its way to the countertop still stirs my imagination. This apartment is practically sealed from the outside. I let one storm window half-open for ventilation but there are window screens to prevent insects from entering (although I have occasionally seen one or two cunning flies made it through the tight window and screen spaces). Could the little critter have entered through the plumbings from the ground to the top floor of this high-rise building? 
I thought vines, vegetable/flower gardens and bushes are the habitats for Lady Bugs, not apartments and plumbings.
If the Lady Bug had been as cunning as the flies to slip through the window screen, it would nevertheless have been as it were thousands of miles for it to travel to the kitchen countertop.
And why the kitchen countertop? This bugs and perplexes me even more! 
I cannot remember the last time I beheld a Lady Bug. Definitely I was a little boy then. May be the Lady Bug sees me as a little boy ... still  !!!
At this day and age, I thought the days of Wonders and Puzzles are over ... Well then, it has been an awfully long time indeed !!!
Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye:
Thy God is mighty busy with countless businesses. Disturb not thy God with prayers.
Have you ever noticed? You lose friends as you grow old. Well, that's what friends are for !!!!!  But then again, NO! I was just kidding.
Seriously, lose not thy friends. Thou knowest not when thou shalt need them.
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