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Thoughts Plus
I thought I had better write down the thoughts farther below before they fade from memory but snow began falling. Snowfall is one of my most favorite sceneries, so snowfall first, writing later. So I stood right next to the panoramic window and stared and gazed at the falling snow flakes.
I have seen snowfall before, but not the way I saw it just right now. Snow flakes of various sizes were being blown by the wind from the North and also by the wind from the South. The two winds were colliding with each other right outside the window, consequently the snow flakes went in all directions. Some soared in circles, others just floated and meandered around, others dove to the ground, while others flew straight up. I've never seen snow flakes flying and drifting in lovely chaos!
And speaking of snow, I have been living in this country (U.S.A.) for 3.5 decades, longer than I had lived in my home country, but I don't recall any Christmas without snow. Thick snow had always blanketed the land on Christmas day; not this year (2014), a snowless Christmas. I really know not what this means, but I fear it is not a good sign - it could perhaps be an omen, not for me personally, but for the land.
In general, it is noteworthy that snow accumulation on the ground in this country has been undoubtedly not as heavy as it used to be, i.e., in comparison with centuries past (1900, 1800, 1700 and beyond). The earth's climate has changed, very obviously. What I see in this is: It is a change befitting and according to the changes in civilization: First the growth in population. Second the growth in vehicles. Third the growth in the maze of roads, streets, and highways. These are the most important changes for which climate has to change accordingly. It is inconceivable what it would be like if the snow today were as heavy as the snows, say, during the 18th Century! Take, for a simple example, what a burden it would be to maintain roads, streets and highways under heavy snows of the past centuries with snow plows and rock salt! Also, imagine the soar in vehicle insurance claims; not to mention the horrendous heating bills! And it should not be forgotten - the unprecedented perils that such a climate poses on today's aviation, especially airlines and commercial flights.
I believe climate change is a change in the right direction.
So much for snow.
I thought of writing down the following, not necessarily in order:
 1, When times are good, do not do bad.
 2. When times are bad do not do worse.
 3. One never knows what is missing till it's gone.
 4. Destroy not anything that will destroy you.
 5. I had roasted animal for dinner.
 6. Learning is endless until you realize what the learning is for.
 7. What good is a cow without grass? It's good for steak.
 8. What good is grass without a cow? Mother Nature knows.
 9. A thousand pardons. God laid before Adam every beast and every foul to see what he would call them. Does this mean God does not know all ?
10. Pilots should envy birds: They can take off, fly and land any time, anywhere and in countless manners. EXCEPT ... a pilot who does that will surely never fly again.
11. True or False: People are scared of and fear law enforcements and courts more than criminals.
12. Humankind's final frontier: Hopefully a replacement Garden of Eden.
pondering is good
Sunday, February 1, 2015 4:45 PM by Cats
Barring size I have heard that snowflakes are identical?
No snow here so I don't know.
I don't think I agree with you on climate change after seeing the polar bear commercials on Tv, it is alarming:(
I enjoyed your list and laughed at your grass and cow comments:)
Sounds like you are a reader with deep thoughts. Don't those two go hand in hand?:)
Happy Sabbath!
pondering is good
Monday, February 2, 2015 7:24 PM by rbm
Hi there cats:

Thanks for the comment.

Snow flakes come in different forms and sizes. The only time snow particles are identical is during incipient formation of the snow crystal from a nucleus, but this crystal is microscopic in size, hardly visible to the naked eye. Snow flake is formed when crystals adhere to each other. Snow flake has density and is therefore broken by gravity and wind into unpredictable and not necessarily idential sizes and shapes. Depending on temperature, height where formed and wind condition, snow may be in the form of flake or agglomerate into dust, granule, pellets, or hail.

I haven't seen the Polar Bear ad you were referring to, but I suppose the unpleasant, pitiful appearance of the animal is divulged to the public. There is a much more alarming scenario than that - the melting of the Arctic and the Antarctic icebergs which is terrifying.

Be that as it may, but those are only a few of the many sacrifices as a consequence of the more important purpose of climate change: To meet the changing needs of humankind.

If you were to change the climate, which would you consider: polar bear, ice bergs, etc., or ... humankind?
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 12:20 AM by Cats
The answer to that would of course be humankind. Weren't we doing fine with the way things were? The commercial shows the polar bear scrambling out of the ocean with little ice to get onto, knowing that they would eventually drown. Do we have to lose our wild life for our own sakes? To think that it may get hotter is uncomfortable as it is hot enough here in Az.:)
pondering is good
Wednesday, February 4, 2015 1:11 AM by rbm
Hello cats:

I can only see the purpose in climate change but it will take an Almighty God to know its extent or duration and more importantly what must be given up as consequences of the change. The history of the earth, as we now know, reveals that changes in the earth's activities, not only climate change, inevitably led to the extinction of certain species of animals, plants and even humans. The present climate change must be part of or prelude to the cyclic earth's activities. As to whether the change will eventually culminate in catastrophic proportion can only depend upon an unknown (divine) decision. Right now it appears climate change is only corresponding to the change in civilization but, needless to say, never for human suffering (as differentiated from a punitive act).

I believe Arizona will not be hotter, in spite of the fact that some areas in the polar caps as well as some glaziers in the frozen lands are already melting. This is one of the wonders on earth !!!
Thursday, February 5, 2015 7:26 PM by Cats
Thanks for the conversation:) Happy weekend!
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