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About Aging PC's
Majority of the PC's marketed in the U.S. are designed and made on Microsoft Platform. There are more than a dozen PC brands, each using a system from any of the more than 135 systems manufacturers; each brand selling one or more models; more than 2 dozen versions possible per model; each version different in features and/or construction.
Windows by Microsoft is the present Operating System (O/S) of all Microsoft Platform PC's.
As these PC's age towards their life cycle, their performance diminishes significantly from when they were first used brand new, specifically its online (internet) functions. Sluggish to very slow operating characteristics, failures, freezings and crashes as well as graphics and text defects are the easily noticeable symptoms of online depreciation.
To a PC owner/operator who has no particular interest in computers and has money to spend, such symptoms could lead to an easy decision to "junk" the computer... nothing to lose but a piece of junk and more to gain with a $700-$1500 brand new piece of yet another future junk!
However, not all PC owners/operators have money to spend on yet another future junk. Some have untiring interest in computers and plenty of time to sit around and repair their ailing PC. For these kinds of people, the depreciating PC can be revived or rejuvenated. The life-cycle can be extended if not by-passed.
Windows happens to be provided by Microsoft with online updating. There is a Windows Automatic Updating feature that can be turned on in the Control Panel. That's all there is to it. Whenever online, the system automatically checks the internet for update programs, download, configure uninterruptingly and, at a default or user-designated time, install these updates onto the hard drive, ready to use as needed by the system.
So far so good. The online functionality of the PC improves with updates.
However, there is a terrible risk: It seems the Microsoft Platform does not differentiate the sources of updates  The Windows O/S (non-browser related programs) could be adversely affected by the update programs to the point of losing Windows functionalities altogether. One disastrous effect of updates is when System Restore on the embed menu is disabled. The option left is the manual Computer Repair feature which accesses the Restore To Factory Image Program. With this Program, the PC will be restored to the condition when it was bought brand new. Then Backup files can be downloaded and lost accumulated updates can be recovered by turning on the Automatic Update which will install such updates as online use progresses.
However, there is the dreadful probability that the manual Computer Repair Program could also be disabled by updates. When this happens, the hard drive becomes useless for restore and/or repair purposes and the O/S will be no longer Windows but anybody's guess!
A replacement hard drive is an option, but the PC will never be anything like it used to be and could only end in frustrations.
A smart Windows user should therefore be cautious of updates. Allow automatic updates only when there are noticeable flaws in the PC's internet functions. Bear in mind that updates could disable Windows programs so turn off updating when no longer needed.
Moreover, whenever any PC function becomes erratic, the safest and easiest remedy is to avail the Systems Restore feature rather than ask anybody or search the internet.
Finally, one very smart precaution to protect Windows - on top of all the security programs - is not to wait for and react to malfunctions. Check within reasonable spans of time on the responsiveness of the System Restore Program. Any hesitation of this Program at any time signals Computer Repair is in order. Waste no time to use the Restore To Factory Image Program before the PC goes to waste.
Barring fatal criminal programs looming in the depths of the internet, the aforementioned tips should help Windows O/S perform satisfactorily and last indefinitely.
One Of My Projects: The Lady

IMG_0018.JPG       IMG_0003.JPG      IMG_0013.JPG

 IMG_0004.JPG    IMG_0010.JPG       

Unassembled replica was in transit from Frostburg, MD for 4 days; delivered 03Apr2014.

Accessories were procured 05Apr2014.

Project was completed within 24 hours 05-06Apr2014.



Is The Holy Bible Still Holy?
I can only hardly imagine how the first page of the Holy Bible was written. From here it is an overwhelmingly exhausting visualization how God's inspirations were written in the  pages  which followed (about 973 pages total) over unknown eons. 
At this day and age, I thought the Holy Bible already contains God's works and teachings for humankind to know, akin to an operating manual. 
Astonishingly, there are those who believe (Jews and others) that more biblical findings will still unfurl. A Messiah is still earnestly being awaited which entails more unearthing for finds. More biblical finds, if any, only means God's inspirations compiled in the Holy Bible are still incomplete.
I doubt strongly if such incompleteness could exist in a meticulous, fastidious work under omnipotent guidance such as the Holy Bible (Scriptures).
Nevertheless, humankind has the right to search for more biblical finds. However, in this generation, the human's propensity to be tendentious concerning artifacts, such as biblical finds and most especially in writing modern version of the Holy Bible, is a cause for alarm. Modern advanced analytical instruments and gadgets plunge young minds into "seeing, tampering and inventing things".
In fact, from a few relevant web articles, I discovered certain writers have been researching on the background, "background check" so to speak, of some writers of the Scriptures (Christian and others), e.g., the Gospels of the New Testament. A search for information about the said writers is not an offensive inquisitiveness, but verifying their credibility as a writer is an obtrusive, ludicrous act of comparing perfection of one's self with the blessed writers of the Scriptures.
The fact that the Holy Bible has stood the incalculable length of time since it was first written is one of the proofs it is holy. I believe humankind will know in time if vile revisions have rendered the Holy Bible unholy.
Personally, I believe the older the Holy Bible, the more holy it is. Mine is over 70 years old.
The last time I saw countless stars in the night sky was when I was a boy. I was invited for a few days' stay-over during the summer break in a vast rural farm owned by the family of my childhood friend and city neighbor. The farm was far, far away from the bustles and smogs of the city. 
It was a moonless night and I saw streams of stars of all sizes and luminosity, perhaps the Milky way, which filled the deep-blue dome-like firmament. It was such a splendid, memorable sight in the night sky which I probably will never see again.
Today, I occasionally see one or two bright stars and quite a few lesser stars in the eastern night sky from my panoramic window in the city. Not anything like the countless stars I saw when I was a boy, but stars, nevertheless.
After all these years, it is still compelling to dabble in stars no matter how puerile, even naive, it might seem. 
The Old Testament of the Holy Bible essentially states the stars, along with two great lights, were made and set in the heavens by the omnipotent power of God to give light upon the earth; to divide the day from the night; for signs and for seasons; and for days and years. Towards the latter part of this Book, there are prophesies the stars will be darkened or fall from the heavens, together with the darkening of the sun and the moon, by the avenging wrath of God and eventually as punitive wrath of God against sinners.
Whereas the Old Testament is indeed too incalculable and ambiguous in time from the present civilization, yet there is not the slightest hint or proof such prophesies have transpired.
The New Testament cites a luminous star in the night sky moved across the heavens and guided the Three Wisemen unto the place of birth of Jesus, the Christ. In this I do believe  without the slightest doubt or any reservation. The Gospel of Matthew, Mark and Luke, individually attests Jesus Christ preached that at the end time, stars shall fall from the heaven, the sun and the moon shall be darkened and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. The Book of Revelation mentions 7 stars which are 7 angels in seven churches. In the latter part of the Book there is the prophesy that at the end time a star named Wormwood shall fall upon the earth to poison a third of the rivers and fountains of water in the earth. It is also prophesied, Ibid., that during the end time, a third of the stars in the heavens shall be smitten and darkened, along with a third of the sun and the moon, and so also shall there be only a third of day and night.
So, the Holy Bible attests stars do exist in the heavens by Divine Omnipotent Power.
In this generation, it is only fitting to credit the scientists and astronomers, both living and dead, for the present knowledge of a star(s).
So far all humankind's knowledge of stars are based on a collection of scientific data, essentially through astronomical instruments (telescope, spectroscope, lumen meter, photography, etc.) mathematics and computers. At best, these data are ambivalent, if not unreliable, due to certain original limitations and inadequacies and therefore do not make the present knowledge factual but largely theoretical.
Science theorizes a star is a huge, massive luminous spherical soup of the components (ions) of gases (H2, He) disintegrated by extremely immense temperatures. The soup is called plasma. The ions, which otherwise would have dispersed wildly into space, are held together by the gravity within the sphere. The Sun in the Solar System is the nearest star to earth. From the right vantage point on earth during a clear dark night, the heavens can be full of countless stars, called constellation or asterisms, each star is like the Sun, but they only appear as luminous points because of their enormous distances.
Science goes on further to theorize the extremely immense heat of a star is produced by thermonuclear fusion of Hinto He and thence radiated into outer space. Last but not least, science claims astronomers can determine the evolution and fate of a star from its stellar motion, temperature, spectral properties and most importantly its calculated mass.
Here is where logic and wisdom dictate the blast from a rocket booster is massive and at extremely immense temperature because anybody or anything that goes into it will undoubtedly burn into cinder. This is not data from astronomical instruments, photography, computer or mathematics but a known and proven fact.
But what about Astrology, upon which the 12 signs of the Zodiac were based, hundreds of years BC? Also, what about the mythologies (mostly Greek mythology) whence constellations were named, to name a few: Andromeda, Aquarius, Cassiopeia, Hercules, Pegasus, Taurus, others.
Was there truth in each myth (especially Greek mythology) which caused the stars to cluster together into a constellation to bear testimony of the myth? In other words, did the constellation come forth from the myth? 
Or did certain humans at some point in their lives draw and joined the stars in the constellation with lines, formed a figure from their induced imagination, and then named the figure by which a constellation is known today?
Only a trek to the stars will truthfully answer star queries. However, despondingly indeed, such trek necessitates leaving the frail human body behind.
Tended Greenhouse
White House - most everyone knows what it is.
Green House or greenhouse - a house painted green? NO! It is a space enclosed in glass or plastic where plants (vegetables or flowers) are grown.
In its simplest form, without ventilation or air conditioning, gases, essentially carbon dioxide, water vapor and air (oxygen, nitrogen and inert constituents) produced within increase in concentration and are trapped in the greenhouse. Heat generated within and heat from the outside are also trapped.
A group of minds, now popular as GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES or CLIMATE CHANGE PROPONENTS, have capitalized on the theory that the earth's atmosphere is a greenhouse, that endangers life and welfare. They claim and support this theory with their works: largely travels, hundreds of photographs, may be a few scientific data. Then they announced these claims and supports with volumes of publications. Then they came to court Congress for legislation(s). They have tried but failed to persuade Congress to enact climate change legislation.
Congress is far knowledgeable and intelligent, thank God Almighty.
No amount of data and publications have exhaustive proof the earth is a greenhouse tomb.
Take a little greenhouse. Engineer and install a gas disposal system composed of: (1) Duct with vacuum (exhaust) system on the roof. (2) Blower system fed with filtered, cleaned outside air. Air condition the space if possible.
Now, given the capacity of the disposal system, put anything that will produce gas of any kind, including flatulence, in the greenhouse.
Now turn on the gas disposal system.
Neglect heat generation and transfer in this concise writing.
Now verify the existence of any gas in this greenhouse which the GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES claim "will endanger health and welfare". 
There is no room for tendentious claims in this little greenhouse. 
CO2, the gas species blamed by GLOBAL WARMING ADVOCATES to be responsible for blanketing heat on earth and will eventually suffocate the earth's inhabitants, is a very volatile organic compound. Its boiling point is -56.6°C and sublimes at -78.5 °C, therefore it cannot be anything but gas at ordinary temperatures. Its kinetic energy increases directly with temperature. Although heavier than air, its diffusivity in air is one of the highest among the gaseous elements and compounds, meaning, once produced in the atmosphere, it disappears in the air, reaching inconceivable distances away (preferable to saying it is airborne). Also, 179.6 cc of CO2 dissolves in 100 parts of water at 0°C and 90 cc in 100 parts at 20°C, so it is very soluble in cold water.
The earth is a mysterious, overwhelmingly huge greenhouse of the kind just described. Its vacuum system is the vast outer space. Its blower system is the restless winds. It is absurd to calculate the capacity of the earth's "gas disposal system" and compare it with the capacity of its inhabitants to emit gases. The earth is definitely not a greenhouse tomb
Even if massive quantity of CO2 is produced in the atmosphere its concentration cannot be localized. It will quickly diffuse into the air, as it were stolen by a thief, even unto the fringes of the atmosphere; even more so when hot. It will be swept by the winds to incalculable heights and distances. Its chaotic path ends at the fringes of the earth's atmosphere. From there the extremely fast, elusive CO2 will wildly disperse into the infinite vastness of outer space.  (I doubt if anybody is certain it is still CO2 at this stage). The mass of CO2 settling by gravity on the bodies of water on earth will be absorbed by the water whereby it will be consumed and/or converted by certain biological or chemical processes (Marine biologists have purported CO2 is processed in coral formation. It is no surprise because coral is essentially carbonaceous, the basic component of which is CO2). The vegetable kingdom has been long known to consume large quantities of CO2.
Barring unscrupulous, corrupt motivations, it is not doing justice to accuse COof any wrong doing in the earth's atmosphere. 
If the earth were a greenhouse tomb, we would not be here today doing more harm to fellowmen than the harm they claim the slandered CO and associates are doing.
And, should all the earth's systems fail, there is an Almighty God, Creator of the earth, who knows best to abate and fix the failure.  We can only hope it will not be at the all-consuming expense of the earth's living inhabitants.
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