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Should CA Split Into 6 States?
I could not wait to publicize this debatable issue.
A prominent capitalist has been authorized by the Secretary of the State of CA to muster signatures of voters for a petition to split CA into 6 independent states. The petition will qualify for a ballot (Congressional?). His main reason is: "CA has become nearly ungovernable because of recent social and economic changes".
Details in insert below.
I see many CONS against the split, mostly financial, such as the ff:
  • Taxes in each state created will dramatically increase to finance initial expenses, e.g., salary, housing, benefits, travels, misc. expns. for the governor and leaders of various state departments/bureaus, their staff and personnel; procurement, construction, rents of state buildings for the aforementioned; state vehicles; and so forth, etc., etc.
  • On the on-going state, maintenance of the state government created will be financed inevitably as never before
  • The CONS do not stop at the state level but continue down to the local governments that will be created and maintained for each state
  • On the on-going basis, property and income taxes will be disturbed for the worse
  • New projects will surely emerge, as never before, for financing
  • New taxes of all sorts will surely be levied or collected
  • There will be new fees for basic necessities such as water, gas, light, sewer, garbage collection etc.   
  • New state rules and regulations will be enforced as never before
  • Miscellaneous changes will be implemented, e.g., license plates, telephone area code, ZIP code, zones, etc. 
  • Citizens of each independent state created will be laden with financial burdens of all sorts as never before 
  • This will be a monumental endeavor
  • The land of CA will be divided into 6 kingdoms as it were
This blog is especially open to comments PROS or CONS, relevant or jokes
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