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Climate Science, Anyone?
An Ausralian published a blog that the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. Tony Abbot is an audacious opposition to Climate Science.
Since he became Prime Minister, the budget for climate science had been drastically slashed, causing the unemployment of a quarter of the climate scientists.
If budget cuts are necessary for more imperative use, the Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbot, should not slash a quarter of the climate scientists only. He should ax the climate science outfit down to a quarter or to zero.
Climate Science indeed.
For generations, Meteorology has been good enough in forecasting weather and climate with only the barometer, wet-and-dry bulb sling psychrometer, anemometer, compass, thermometer, and rain gauge as measuring instruments. Civilization needed no more than information from the meteorologist that a violent weather was brewing nearby. People took necessary precautions. If ever there were casualties from a devastating weather, there never was significant impact on population. Life went on and weather forecasting mainly remained as news accessory. There were no indications that Meteorologists desired to know the mysteries of climate and weather.  
Computers and observation satellites were invented and went in operation from which climate science was invented and evolved no too long ago.
Now climate science speculates human activities cause adverse climate changes. Would you believe the CO 2 level of countries are now automatically monitored? This will be used in the future to control, among meriads of other things, your use of home cooking stoves !!! According to climate science cooking contributes to the CO level in the atmosphere which traps heat from the earth that causes climate changes and global warming and will eventually suffocate all living creatures.
Had there been no computers and observation satellites there would not be bunches of climate scientists to purport such speculations today.
Therefore climate science is only a product of computers and satellites. It considers weather and climate as quantifiable statistical data from which their properties can be theoretically predicted for today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and far into the future. Only ... wait until yesterday's forecast for today's weather is totally in error.
Climate science has done and will do nothing for humankind than provide employment for minds mesmerized by computers and satellites. Not bad at all, but it is abused.
Once again, Meteorology is good enough as it has always been. Humankind does not really need to know the mysteries of, let alone attempt to control, climate and weather .