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Grass Spray
Grass spray? ... that's right, grass is now being supplied as spray for lawns - the latest technology in agriculture (probably in landscape engineering).
It was the second occasion that I saw a truck with a huge tank, a powerful pump and long hoses, spraying green mass (slurry) on lawns in two separate places. The mass is undoubtedly grass seed or seedlings mixed with fertilizer, agrichemicals as growth accelerators, and water. After spraying the "grass spray" on the ground, the lawn becomes an instant green. From what I've seen the grass must have taken a few days to take root and just a few weeks to mature ... truly amazing!
Lawn suppliers used to supply grass (called Bermuda grass) on soil matrix, like "carpet". The rolls of "grass carpet", obviously weighing tons, needed a number of machines to be lifted, positioned and spread over the lawn and not without lots of labor. It must be for this reason that "grass spray" was conceived, invented and marketed.
Well, "grass spray" will very likely put "grass carpet" in history.
What will they think of next about grass? How about "grass bread"?