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War-torn ME Vibrations
U.S. Combat Officer briefing a combat battalion: "In answer to your question:
'Who is the enemy out there in the dessert?' ... Anything that throws a stone
at you. Aim, fire and find out who it was later".
A Militant adviser in the ISIS: "Capture all Americans in the area. News reporters
and Hollywood movie stars preferred. We chop off their heads for effective exhib-
ition and advertising in the U.S.A."
A U.S. Commander briefing fighter and bomber pilots of a Strike Force in the Middle
East: " ... just be damned sure you strike the target accurately and precisely.
We cannot afford to miss ... even if the target is a pile of junks. It's not your fault."
Lt. Cmmdr. of a U.S. Air Relief & Rescue Detachment to his pilots in the Middle East:
"None of us has the means and capability to detect rebel elements among the
refugees you carry in your relief missions. If your aircraft lands in one piece, then
we'll know there was no rebel onboard your plane."