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Retire My Husband
But retire me first!
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Standing for Life
I did something new today... I stood outside at an abortion clinic as part of a peaceful presence proclaiming the value of life

The most remarkable thing that happened is that I went.

More than 25 years ago, and in between 2 of my four children, I had an abortion. My husband and I were divorced at the time, we were only apart a total of a year and a half. In that time, I found myself pregnant, and just out of self centeredness, I ended that life.

The following year, I lost my next pregnancy to miscarriage, after my husband and I had remarried.

I was able to appropriate the incomprehensible grace of a loving heavenly Father and never suffered the mental and emotional anguish that so many women do ~ but all these years, I have always wondered that if there were people standing outside that clinic that day long ago, would I possibly have changed my mind?

I don't know, but I wanted to go be on the sidewalk, just in case it might make a difference in the life of someone else.

I think I'll make a sign for next time that simply says -
I Did.
Please Don't.

Working my dreams
What a day! What a week! Is it only Tuesday?

I woke at 11:29 last night to write down a dream, and then checked online to see when would be the best time to go out and see the Leonids. I was glad to wake up again at 4:30, and went outside to look up into the sky. I saw about a dozen, maybe just 11, lights in the sky as the particles of comet dust burned up in the atmosphere. What a blessing to be able to not worry about losing sleep over taking the time to see the wonders of the heavens!

I had such a productive day yesterday, at least a busy one, I know those two don't always go together.

I finally wrote the letter to the Aglow Advisors that we are releasing after several years of service as our Executive Board gears up for this new season. I enjoyed talking to the Area President for a little while and promised to make some phone calls today to encourage more attendance at our Leadership Development retreat in a couple of weeks.

I got my Avon order entered online and received a phone call from the assistant for the District Manager for the District that I should be in. She invited me to a local meeting led by the District Manager last night and I was glad to be able to go to that. Now if they can just help me get into the right District, that will help me be more excited, especially since I have my first representative to recommend and sponsor! I was glad to learn too that there is another week before this Campaign's order have to be entered for this District.

Out of the blue, maybe I should say Yellow, I got a phone call from a young lady who was looking for a supplement. I was able to talk with her quite some time and recommend that she try XanGo juice and Eleviv, knowing that there is a good chance those products would help her much more than what she thinks she is looking for. It was neat to find out that she is attending Beauty School since my daughter just graduated and qualified for her cosmetology license.

That call served as another reminder to me to write an article about print Yellow Page advertising still being an effective method of advertising, despite what all the online directories will tell you. I've sold both and believe in both ~ but the truth is, you will still get more calls from print advertising. It's also such a good value because the ad that made my phone ring yesterday was paid for once, several years ago, but continues to be printed, in both the utility and the independent Yellow Page Directories as a free listing just because I paid for it one year in the Yellow Book Directory. You just can't beat that deal!

This morning I have already been able to deliver and collect for an Avon order and will do several tasks for Aglow throughout the day. I'm also looking a little bit into writing articles to add to my work from home income.

I love my life!
The Yo-yo doesn't work!
Hard to believe, but I guess I have to, that new yo-yo just doesn't work! What's funny is that when the next person is told that it doesn't work, of course what happens is that person takes it, determined that "you must just not be doing it right" only to see it hopelessly hang at the bottom of the string, not at all inclined to respond to rolling back up the same string it just went down.

Doesn't it know what's expected of it? Why would it not conform to its intended purpose? Did it's creator not use the materials that would enable it to perform it's destiny?

Is it yet possible to tinker with it, maybe fit it with new string? what about returning it to the manufacturer... made in China.

I'm sure they would just laugh at me if I returned it to the grocery store where it was bought. It must just be relegated to the endless pile of useless toys or the trash bin... But what about the boy who was so looking forward to the new yo-yo?

Anybody know where I can get a Duncan?
11:11 on 11/11
I had promised myself, and told my husband, that the next time the Lord woke me up, I would get up and go meet with Him ~

Last night, when I rolled over to look at the clock, it was 11:11, on 11/11. I got up directly and searched the Word for each and every 11:11.

A couple of the verses really spoke to me as far as being an Aglow leader - the first one was Numbers 11:11, when Moses said to God "Why have you put this burden of these people on me?"

Then in Deu. 11:11, the land where we go is full of hills and valleys which drink the rain of heaven. Hallelujah!

1 Samuel 11:11 says that Saul put the people in three companies, then they went into the enemies camp and slew the Ammonites until midday.

And the most impacting verse, II Kings 11:11 ~ and the guard stood round the king from the right to the left, along the altar and the temple.

This was the boy-king Joash, it really spoke to me as the Area President of Aglow had recently helped me realize the fact that I am the youngest member of this full board we have installed, the first time this Lighthouse has had a full Executive Board in at least five years. I am flanked by warriors who will uphold, strengthen and protect me, and I will seek the Lord in this leadership.
Stopped to smell the Roses in November
It's hard to believe another week has passed - tomorrow will be four whole weeks since I had to report to work at 8am!

It has been incredibly busy, rewarding, exhausting... and I am still loving every minute of it!

It was one day last week when I made the short walk out to the mail box and as I walked by, I smelled the faint perfume of the tiny white roses by the short mud lane that serves as our driveway. I said 'Thank You Lord' for small pleasures and on the way back, I deliberately stopped and drew in deep breaths and for maybe the first time, had a real appreciation for the time worn phrase, "stop and smell the roses".

Somehow I doubt that whoever penned that quote was thinking it could be November when that exquisite opportunity presented itself.

Many things are on my mind, the looming of the holidays and all that entails, the calendar quickly filling with activities and sending my baby girl off to Dallas driving alone to begin her new life.

I must do what is most important, spend time with my Lord. He has been waking me in the middle of the night, beckoning me, and I have gotten up, gone to the bathroom, gone back to bed and deeply to sleep until time to get up.

I told my husband this morning that the next time I wake, I will get up and meet with Him and visit for awhile before returning to my dreams.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to know His Presence and allow His words to encourage and inspire me - and knowing that I can spend all the time He needs, because I have no pressing engagement at 8am.

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