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Retire My Husband
But retire me first!

Working my dreams
What a day! What a week! Is it only Tuesday?

I woke at 11:29 last night to write down a dream, and then checked online to see when would be the best time to go out and see the Leonids. I was glad to wake up again at 4:30, and went outside to look up into the sky. I saw about a dozen, maybe just 11, lights in the sky as the particles of comet dust burned up in the atmosphere. What a blessing to be able to not worry about losing sleep over taking the time to see the wonders of the heavens!

I had such a productive day yesterday, at least a busy one, I know those two don't always go together.

I finally wrote the letter to the Aglow Advisors that we are releasing after several years of service as our Executive Board gears up for this new season. I enjoyed talking to the Area President for a little while and promised to make some phone calls today to encourage more attendance at our Leadership Development retreat in a couple of weeks.

I got my Avon order entered online and received a phone call from the assistant for the District Manager for the District that I should be in. She invited me to a local meeting led by the District Manager last night and I was glad to be able to go to that. Now if they can just help me get into the right District, that will help me be more excited, especially since I have my first representative to recommend and sponsor! I was glad to learn too that there is another week before this Campaign's order have to be entered for this District.

Out of the blue, maybe I should say Yellow, I got a phone call from a young lady who was looking for a supplement. I was able to talk with her quite some time and recommend that she try XanGo juice and Eleviv, knowing that there is a good chance those products would help her much more than what she thinks she is looking for. It was neat to find out that she is attending Beauty School since my daughter just graduated and qualified for her cosmetology license.

That call served as another reminder to me to write an article about print Yellow Page advertising still being an effective method of advertising, despite what all the online directories will tell you. I've sold both and believe in both ~ but the truth is, you will still get more calls from print advertising. It's also such a good value because the ad that made my phone ring yesterday was paid for once, several years ago, but continues to be printed, in both the utility and the independent Yellow Page Directories as a free listing just because I paid for it one year in the Yellow Book Directory. You just can't beat that deal!

This morning I have already been able to deliver and collect for an Avon order and will do several tasks for Aglow throughout the day. I'm also looking a little bit into writing articles to add to my work from home income.

I love my life!
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 1:40 PM by DaLynn
This took me to the mycopper site to comment - is that right?
Anyway, glad you got to see the leonids! Fun!

Also cool that you got to go to a local Avon meeting; I think that would help me probably, but not sure when I could get it in. Bill's unpredictable working thing sure has a big affect on things like that. Would help if I'd call her at least I guess! Sounds like you're doing well with it.

Let me know if you find out anything about writing articles from home. Everything I've seen hasn't really been what I'd like to do.
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