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Trying to walk with the Savior

Saturday, August 27th, 2011
Got off to a fairly good start this morning. Spent time in the Word through "Powered by Four," which is a Bible reading program through Back To The Bible broadcast. It's pretty good, and I recommend it to any one who needs a little jump start to get back into the Word on a daily basis. I had been having trouble being regular in my Bible reading lately, so I am using the "Powered by Four" as a jump start for me. PB4 offers a daily Bible reading, but the challenge is to read at least four times a week.

I also started following a "Faith Walk" Bible reading plan - also with Back To The Bible - which helps a person read through the Bible in a year. As is par for the course with me, I tend to either go overboard or take no action at all, as I am also reading "Our Daily Bread," which is a daily devotional from Radio Bible Class, and reading a daily e-mail from Michael Youssef's ministry (Leading The Way) called my devotional. I'd also like to take some of the free Christian courses offered at the Radio Bible Class web site. Christians are certainly blessed to have so many opportunities for growth on the Internet.

Weather is beautiful here in the Ozarks this morning, and I am glad of it. I have a wedding to attend this afternoon. It is that of Caleb Thompson and Brittany Worthy.
Caleb is the oldest son of my dear friends, Greg and Rose Thompson. Today's wedding may be bittersweet as Greg died in November of 2010. We sure do all miss him. I really don't know what God allows His saints in heaven to observe on earth, but I imagine there is some way that Greg is aware that his oldest son is getting married today. May the marriage be blessed, and may it prove to be an early illustration of God's love for us through Jesus Christ.

Guess that's it for now. Guess I better get with the program. Later. - Ray
Thank you!
Saturday, August 27, 2011 4:02 PM by Cats
Thank you very much, I have been needing direction. Just reading the bible doesn't do it for me. I have needed help in where to go from here. I really do like the bible studies on Christian Tv. I too like M. Youssef. I particularly like Fred Prices sons bible study but it is hard to find on Tv as Fred usually does the study. I really do appreciate your tips and am going to follow your lead. Happy wedding! Welcome to Copper!
Back to the Bible
Monday, August 29, 2011 6:25 PM by vesper
The Back to the Bible broadcast you mention, is it hosted by Warren Wiersbe? I have a couple of his books; one on Phillipians and JOY and Being Mature from the book of James. I like the way he writes.
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