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Trying to walk with the Savior

10 Reasons To Believe Real Christians Can Look Like They're Not

What are some of the more important or noticeable reasons why people who say they’re Christians don’t act like it?

    1. They are disappointed with God. 2. They're distracted by other things, and get their focus off of Jesus. 3. They mingle with unbelievers in dangerous relationships 4. They have unchanged tendencies 5. They are self-reliant rather than being reliant on God through Jesus Christ (they try to trust in their own strength instead of in the strength of Christ).

I recently started a Christian Course through Christian Courses (www.christiancourses.com). I learned the above information from that course. It's one of those courses you have to pay for if you take it for credit, but it is free if you're not seeking credit. Needless to say, I am taking it for free. I started it on Tuesday, and I just finished the first lesson tonight. I have spent hours on it, but it is very good. Only nine more lessons to go. Ha! Ha! The title of this course is: 10 Reasons To Believe Real Christians Can Look Like They're Not. I have found it very enlightening, and I think it may prove particularly helpful to me. The first lesson dealt with being disappointed with God. The point was made that when we suffer disappointments, we are very vulnerable to the lies of Satan about ourselves, and about God. When we fall for those lies,  the results start piling up in our lives even as we face more disappointments. As a result we may become disappointed with or even bitter towards God. As students of this course, we are encouraged to journal about whatever God stirs up in us about past disappointments; then we are advised to invite Him into those disappointments so that we can surrender to Him and His truth, and not be deceived by the lies Satan may have fed us when we first experienced those disappointments.

I'm looking forward to learning the other five reasons why people who say they are Christians don't act like it. Stay tuned, if you're interested.

Well, guess that's it for today. I hope anyone who happens to read this blog has a great day in the Lord. - Ray