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Anything and everything

Anything and Everythins


How are your finances? I am retired, living on a fixed income - annuity plus social security. No raises for 2010 except in prices. I keep my receipts from previous months and here is a small sample of some price increases from 6 Dec 2009 to 8 Jan 2010.

Viva Paper towels up $1.73.

Washer detergent up $1.49.

My favorite taquitas up $.43.

My favorite frozen dinners up $.75.

Oh yes, the electric company is getting another raise in rates. Anyone want to stay cold this winter??

What do you want to bet at the end of 2010 we will be told there will be no raise for 2011?

Anyone else out there that has some info on rising prices? If so, lets send them to our congresspersons.

Another thing, why does the politicians and big business not see that the recession is caused by big business shipping our jobs out to other countries. Do they think the citizens do not see this?? Do they think we are all idiots? Big business ships out our jobs - uses illegal aliens in their businesses and keepss their headquarters in the USA to enjoy all of the perks and tax breaks that Uncle Sam gives them. While our citizens go without - lose their homes - end up on the street. Hurray for out politicians that look out for us.

Then there is the myth that illegal aliens pay into social security and pay taxes. Not true. They do not have bona fide social security numbers. Their employers can withhold those two taxes from their pay but they cannot send it into either agency. Why? Because the SSA and IRS would or should immediately spot the fake SSNs and there would be inquiries or investigations. So, if the employers withhold the taxes, they get to keep the money.


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