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Celebrities Have Fans, Politicians Have Supporters
Trump is a Celebrity

  Some of  you people are frickin nuts .
  To hear some of the crap that comes out of your  heads is like watching a badly written  / directed flick from the turn of the century. that's the 20 th century .
  WTF ' he can't be bothered with law suits ' , he knew these were pending when he threw his hat into the ring , more then a year ago . And what about the people,  his victims ?  Are they just more whiny lefties liberals that have a hard on for your rightie demi god?  NOT NO ,BUT HELL NO !!!  You sad  excuses for meat sacks. They  had taken the time to hire themselves legal council and filed the paper work , long before he had even decided if he was going to jump ship and cross over to your side . The man has had 4000 + law suits in a 30 year time line,  and guess what , you  freaks of nature , he had all   4000  with nary a hint of support from the likes of you . Get a grip you twits, the human beings behind those law suits didn't crawl out of the wood work after he won the election . They didn't just wake up one morning and think , ' hey , just for shits and giggles I'm going to sue the Donald ,  he sold them a fake bill of goods , he took their money , money they had ear marked for their education  with an eye on their futures , he took their money knowing he didn't have what he had said they were buying . Just because he isn't copping to it , just because he did a sudden flip flop and offered to settle does not change the facts of what he did when he opened his fake school and advertised it for being something he knew it would never be. Don't sit there with your snotty noses in the air and act as if they are just more cry baby lefties with a hard on for him .
 Yes he was elected , get the fuck over your selves.  You people have spent the past 8 years cheering on the brick wall  that your republican  politicians in congress and the senate have had for anything  Obama , while booing the sitting president for his lack of progress in getting anything done . Own your part in where we as a nation find our selves today .  It's  going to be just amusing to watch trump burst the bubble you people have put yourself in as it was to watch Obama  burst those bubbles of his worshipers  .  Since Trump is no way as slick a politician as
Obama is , who cut his baby teeth in politics in one of the most corrupt states in the union , it shouldn't take a full term for him to show you people just what sheepeople you really are. After all Trump has been taking richer ,prettier ,more interesting  and better educated people then you poor slobs  can ever hope to be , to the cleaners for years .
 I assume you people do know that this guy can't get  any bank in the United States of America to give him the time of day much less lend him a dollar ,because of he has shown over and over again that he is a bad  risk .  This guy that you would hit your knees and start sucking if he was to walk into the room where you were , can't get a single dollar from any lending institution in America . What do you think that makes people like you look like to the rest of the world . Not just the hated lefties , but the 53 % of voting aged Americans that can't be bothered to vote , along with the rest of the world  who can't vote because they live in other countries.
And you poor blind idiots heard his voice in his own words  tell the world that what those women are saying he did  ,is exactly what he did .   We all heard it , not just the hated lefties  but the whole world heard that 'locker room ' conversation he had  with that guy who was gearing up to interview him . But  you poor  blind slobs  have to excuse him and lie to yourselves telling your selves it's all lies started by the hated lefties ,,,
 I'm real glad that's working out you. 
 Prides not power , and when you finely tear the  curtain and get a look see at what's really going on , there will  be zillions  around the globe watching your tumble but nary a one will offer a net or a bandage for your owies
Politicians have fellow dishonest politicians and dishonest followers
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 4:16 PM by
And you would support a known liar, baby killer, soon to go to prison for her crimes against our nation, hopefully. Not to mention her extreme wealth at the expense of the poor.
Don't you wonder why it took years for the supposed victims to cry foul? If a man put his hand up your dress would you wait to cry rape with the hope he might finally run for the presidency in the far future? NAIVE, is that the word? I think so, if you can't recognize a media slaughter. No matter how when why, they got their money back. That is more than anyone can say for killery's victims.
I seem to recall that most celebrities were behind killery even to saying they didn't care about anything other then getting a woman in the tainted house. That sort of blows your stand. Perhaps rose colored glasses?
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 4:26 PM by
Of course you closed viewer comments. You afraid someone might show you up? Just proves your comments are typical of a brainwashed media follower who can't think for himself. FOLLOW THE LEADERS SON.
bunch of sore losers, sour grapes, burn the country down since you didn't get your way.
Not the republican way, you wouldn't have seen that if killery had won. We have to much wisdom and honor for those childish actions. More importantly, we care about the direction the country is going in.
Thursday, December 1, 2016 10:36 PM by schollekid
Go on , keep up the name calling .
re reply
Saturday, December 3, 2016 7:09 AM by schollekid
all you trump fans have nothing, trump has proven his self to be a long winded wind bag who considers it his birthright to sexually grope women and shine his racium like it was made from gold. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny .
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