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Chickenmans Roost
Living the simple life ,while it's still legal.
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Moving On
I'm sad to say I dont know if I'll be posting anymore because we got high speed with a different company and I'll probably lose this outlet , If so I'll start a new one somewhere and hope you all the best of luck in your ventures . God Bless and may mercy follow you always...
Over and Back Again
It's been a while since I've been here , had some rough patches , but all in all life is a learning experience that we we can't skip no matter how hard we try.  Last year was hard with most of the crops drying up , but I managed to put enough away to make it through the winter and into the spring . Lost a few animals to predators while I was down but this year is coming along better with the rain we got off and on . The heat still gets to me some times but with the good lord and a deep well with cool sweet water I can't complain , besides complaining don't change things it just makes them sound worse out load.
         The butter beans are coming off real well and I've already put up 6 quarts and ate my fair share. The field peas and onions as well as peppers , okra and tomatoes are doing good to. The Tomatoes had aphids eating on the roots but I added a little calcium to them and it put a stop to that. The sweet corn dried up again this year and I lost most of it to the heat and the coons .
        Went out in the yard today to sit in the shade and shell beans and a hen that I thought had been caught came out across the drive way with 14 chicks swarming all around her. I never get tired of watching such things , nature is an amazing thing. Those rabbits that I tried to get rid of in the garden last year helped me get through the winter and that goes to show you that everything has a purpose on this earth including you and yours.
   Well I'll be back at some point soon if all goes well , Keep your hopes high and your faith in hand and the good lord will do the rest. 
Garden Beat Down
Well for the past month I have been busy running the tiller and planting . The garden this year has turned into 2 acres of whipping my you know what , I enjoy it but this year it don't seem to enjoy me.
   So far I've used the tiller on most of it and I've got butter beans , snap beans , carrots , squash , peppers , sweet corn, beets, egg plants ,okra,sweet potatoes , field peas, cucumbers,beets and God knows what will come next. My neighbor convinced me to plant double the normal amount and he would help , well he messed around and had a stroke so now it's Katie bar the door .
   I gave this all some thought and bless his soul if it works out and I live to see it finished I'm going to put up signs for a pick your own produce stand and we'll both fill our freezers the animals will fare well and make a profit.
   Now if I could just get my back to come to terms with my feet maybe they could take turns aching instead of all at once. It's like they used to tell us , as long as it hurts you know your still alive, it's when it quits hurting that your in trouble!
   God bless you all and remember , The good lord want put no more on you than you can stand . It's like the child in church once asked the preacher ," How do the people in the fires stand it," and the preacher said " By God they're made to stand it" I'll always remember that . The child was me.... 
Egg Salad,deviled eggs,scrambled eggs ECT....
The chickens have really started laying early this year, I get eggs year round but they always pick up around April. I've gone from 4 or 5 a day to 4 dozen, I'm giving away as many as I'm selling. If they keep this up it will be a banner year.
   The first hen of the year has come off  the nest with 10 chicks , I had to catch her and them and put them in a coop. It's still to cool outside for them to run loose when they're that small. My spanish chickens I've been raising are laying the darkest colored eggs yet and the new pens are looking good. I'll be glad to see spring again with the garden ready for planting and the amount of daylight increasing. I need all the hours I can get in my day.
    I'm going to try my hand at entering a few poultry shows this year , just for kicks , I can't really afford the time away to go to extremes with it.Think I'll put a few bantams in and some dominiques  or barred rocks. Oh well I've got plenty of time to worry about that.
      Well gotta go tune in the radio ,I've about stopped watching tv and I sleep alot better at night. Until next time remember the old saying about "What you gonna do when they come for you"  .....so be good and keep an eye out for your neighbor and I'll keep the lights burning just in case.
Rain and Ice and More Ice Makes Mud
Not a week has past in the last month that we haven't had 2 or 3 days of freezing rain or just plain rain that froze the following night. I've been so soar the past few weeks that I think I grew new muscles just to absorb the excess aches. To make a long story short , I busted my you know what on the ice not once but 3 times and they are right , three strikes and you are out.
    I remember when we had weather like this every year but I guess I've gotten soft with the luck we've had for the past 20 years or so. The animals water was froze all the time so I was constantly thawing and carrying more hot water to them , every time I took a break from cutting wood.
  The yard was frozen in a sheet of ice that stretched as far as you could see across the yard and beyond the pasture , a beautiful sight to behold with the sun peeking out from time to time lighting up the trees ice covered branches like a post card from days gone by. The red birds and sparrows skipping along picking up the seeds and scratch feed that I put out for them in such cases , even the rabbits stopped in to pick out the corn that was mixed in .
   Who wouldn't walk harry carry out of the house through the one door that had no salt or sand on the steps ? Now I stay in the yard and woods all day every day so I should know better , but still I went down the steps , all 5 wacking my butt on the way down. Once at the bottom I was amazed and well pleased that no harm was done , then I stood up and feeling lucky began to skate down the bank in my gum boots were I crashed once again. this time I thought I had broke my tail bone , I didn't but you know the feeling . Long story short I wiped out the bird feeder and the grill on my next attempt and out went my back.
   I'm better now and none the wiser , I tried it again 3 days ago and made it all the way . The lord knows how I am and I feel sure he want call any of us before our time . The ice is melting away and the mud has taken it's place , I'm doing great the animals are all well and life could not be better if I won the lottery .  I'll try to write more often as the days grow longer and my butt grows less tender.
    Untill next time remember , All that glitters aint gold but it's just as pretty and more than likely worth just as much if not more ....Tom .....PS Thanks for caring Weeze your in my prayers.   
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