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It's just me again

Lesser power
I have been with copper or one of it's subsidiaries for many years now and what I have learned about suspensions is that it has nothing to do with fairness.  In Coppers case and with one of it's other companies the person bringing about the suspension has or had an agenda and they being the dictator of their group conspired to shut the mouths of those in disagreement by reporting them with accusations unfounded and in many cases lies.  Copper like their other  company suspended some forum persons not based on facts but on hearsay.   So far no facts have been brought out.
Some people have the weight to bring this about with Copper, what that weight is I sure don't know.  Their belief in their power to squash those in disagreement is attested to in their bragging about it in the member corner today.  The offensive group accuses us of having the pull but they are the ones that perpetrate  the downfall of those in disagreement with them.  It is a shame in this day and age that accusations can be made and actions taken based on the word of a person or persons with less then upstanding records themselves proving more than once that they do not know the truth from a lie and their accusations prove this out.  Even when the truth is shoved in front of them they  choose to believe the lie.   I expect that from the group but think that Copper employees and management should be of higher standards.   I do believe that there is fairness from God and fairness will win out in the end.  Those who have made themselves exterminators of free speech will be muffled eventually either here or there. 

Edit: to attest to their delusions of grandeur check out the poetry forum where there is an underlying threat by frog to jfloyd of her impending doom at the hands of this liar/tyrant if she dare step out of line.   PFFFFFFFT

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